How much should I be getting paid?

I have roughly 2k of good settled wvo per week. How much should I be getting? All wvo preditors please dont reply, looking for honest answer.




Here is the difference

Here is the difference between me and the other guys.
Uvo joe pays 2.10 the highest out of everyone but he only pays for oil, so if you bring him 20 % water you only getting paid for 80% of your oil.

The other guy pays good too but he wants 3% water , and if it higher than that then I guess the price falls.

I on the other hand give 2$ a gallon with 10% moisture and upto 10% FFA I think my company is more flexible.

The mareket for Raw UVO is

The mareket for Raw UVO is about 1.80 to 2.00 dollars and you can verify this through Jacobsens index but they charge you. But that price is when you deliver it. Hope this helps. and dont forget thats the price right now and could go up or down just like regular fuel does.


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