Demand for used veg, etc.

1. How many people out there are buying and selling (or otherwise trading) used veg oil, grease, etc? I'm basically talking people doing this on their own, not big companies dealing in the stuff. You can give an answer in numbers of people, dollar amount of stuff traded, etc.

2. Where are the biggest concentrations of these people located? You can give an answer in terms of cities, or perhaps geographical areas.


How could anybody possibly

How could anybody possibly answer this question with any level of accuracy? There are lots of people in this field in all areas of the country, and the world for that matter.

Here we go again just another

Here we go again just another idiot that knows little to nothing about the industry that has so brilliant way to get rich. Good luck you might want to take a number because theres about 1000 other douche bags just like you that were here first.

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