WVO for sale - 50,000 gallons monthly

We can supply 50,000 - 70,000 gallons of WVO monthly. Specs are 6% FFA and 2% H2O max. Price is $2.50 per gallon FOB South Carolina. Oil may contain minor amounts of methanol or isobutanol, so not good for feed grade.

Have a strong interest in

Have a strong interest in this product depending on its flash point.

Do you have the ability to load it into a rail car?

Could we get a sample?



I am a large consistant buyer

I am a large consistant buyer of raw yellow grease in the north east area but can do business across the country depending on the logistics, I can buy all the oil you have at all times, you will never be stuck with oil. If you are are at all interested please contact me asap on my cell phone at 609-902-5093 or at YandSIndustries@gmail.com I am confident we can both make this very profitable. Hope to hear from you soon.

You've probably contracted

You've probably contracted with someone alrerady. However, I am located in VA, and would be very interested in at least 4 loads monthly. Feel free to call (315) 420-1061


Please send sample to my

Please send sample to my attention at the following address:

Hartwell Chemical
9400 Needle Point Road
Baytown Texas 77521

Attn: Rob Tames

Please contact me at the below listed number should you have any questions.

All the best,

Rob Tames | Hartwell Chemical
480-269-2050 (O)
480-251-2598 (M)
888-453-0954 (F)
SKYPE rob.tames | AIM rtames77 |

Our facility has over 80,000

Our facility has over 80,000 gallons of storage and we are more than interested in the product. We will also pay same day via wire transfer or ACH. We are well capitalized and have been doing business for 5+ years.

EMAIL: JC700@me.com



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