100% used canola cooking oil for sale Pennsylvania

have a load (6,000 gallons) of used canola cooking oil, processed clean and dry. FFA 9.5% MIU <2%. this is 100% used canola oil located in eastern Penn. Contact us if interested
email: uco @ pacaltenergy.com

I think the problem is with

I think the problem is with you. What is the benefit of a scam here? What is the hook or how do we scam someone if the email and web site does not work. that is a pretty lame analysis on yoru part. I put spaces around the @ sign on the mail so spambots will not harvest our email, sorry you cannot figure this out... and ours is not bullshit website, I would bet money you don't have anything close to a web site as useful and informative as ours. we move product all over the country and have been moving oil for 3 years now. go cry and complain somewhere else.

Greetings: I represent a


I represent a group of principal investors from Belize and Guatemala. We are interested in obtaining a bulk order of cooking oil (vegetable or corn) from any wholesale distributor by the container load (20 ft) for acquisition and shipment to Central America. We intend to arrange for all logistics however assistance is required to obtain stated products in bulk via direct purchase or bid win via auction.

Please contact me as soon as your schedule permits to discuss as I will be in the US for several weeks to acquire mentioned goods/services. I can be reached via the following vehicles:

* kerey.brewer@cereus3.net
* 678.200.9447 - Mobile
* 678.589.3500 - Alternate

I await your swift reply.

Kind regards,

Kerey M Brewer
SVP Investor Relations
Cereus Marketing & Development Group
PO Box 240
San Ignacio Town
Cayo District
Belize, Central America

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