NY Area Collectors Make More Money With Your Raw WVO/UVO

If you are collecting used kitchen oil in the tri state area we should talk. I will help you get your trucks set up with pumps, hoses, tanks. Call and start getting paid TOP DOLLAR with someone that is on your team.

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Nice Frank, you are arming

Nice Frank, you are arming oil jackers with the tools of the trade so you can capatalize on their stolen oil. Isn't that an organized crime? You could get a RICO charge for that. Oil theft is the biggest problems LEGITIMATE companies and restaurants face today. Contrary to belief, most restaurants get paid for their oil and don't want to just give it away. Also, you trash pump chumps spill a lot of oil because of the lack of vacuum and accountability because you don't really care about the account or cleanliness. You make me sick. REAL oil companies don't need your pumps, hoses, and tanks. I'm going to report this solicitation as I know your intent. Scumbag. Interested parties: Know that oil theft is a FELONY in all states, it is grand theft.

With all due respect…. This

With all due respect….

This post goes out to the irate anonymous greaser with an extreme lack of consideration. I will begin to rip apart your post in a minute, but first I must say something very important. You should never assume things and accuse someone of such a major thing. That shows a tremendous lack of intelligence, fear, and most of all lack of business mind.
In your post you used the term “oil jackers” and “trash pump chumps”. You also went as far as saying you would report me for a RICO charge. You have to be completely out of your mind or just bored. I am in no way shape or form looking to buy stolen oil. As a matter of fact IF the oil collectors I buy from or help set up do not have legitimate accounts, I DO NOT affiliate myself with them. I have many friends in the business and two of them have the LEGITIMATE oil companies like the one you claimed are being targeted. Actually one of them has invested over a million dollars into his company and has well over 1500 accounts. But he owes almost a million in debt and has a tremendous amount of risk involved in his operation. And YES he is getting robbed blind as well. But not from the people I am looking for. These are thieves who are trying to capitalize on the spike in oil prices, home based bio diesel producers and most of all these so called LEGITMATE oil companies which are his competitors like yourself. An associate of mine actually has video footage of the biggest names in the business stealing oil from one of there competitors. I will not name them on this site but they know who they are. If you are one of them, then you are the biggest hypocrite imaginable.
So to make it clear, I am NOT looking for oil thieves. I am looking for hard workers who collect LEGITIMATE oil from there own accounts they service. Most people do not have a million dollars to invest into opening an oil company like the ‘so called’ LEGITIMATE ones, but do have a small amount of money to build a small operation that has possibly 100-200 accounts that will yield almost 6000-10000 gallons per month. If you operate out of a smaller vehicle and use a trash pump to service your accounts that you have built personally, then I guess the world will assume you are a thief. To me that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. But it may make sense to you, who knows.
Setting up a small business for $50,000 is a lot of money to some people and chump change to others. But to the ones who may believe they can earn a LEGITIMATE living by servicing a few hundred accounts and actually nurturing them because they can handle it, this may be a good idea. Yes it may hurt the big boys who LEGITIMATELY lose 100 or so accounts to these guys, but it’s totally legal and for you to imply its a crime, felony, or RICO / organized crime is a joke and you should be embarrassed for even saying that.
If you would like to discuss this with me please call me like a gentleman and you may understand my position a little better. If not, that is fine, hopefully you don’t lose many accounts to these small LEGITIMAT E business owners like you fear will happen. But we do live in America and competition is strong.
This goes out to anyone who is currently collecting oil. Yes oil theft is a crime and if you are stealing oil do not reply to ANY of my ads because I will not purchase stolen oil.

I TOTALLY agree with the

I TOTALLY agree with the second comment as I myself am a small Oil company that has invested my life savings into collecting oil. I only have around 150 accounts now and ALL ARE MINE WITH CONTRACTS!!!!! In which i use a trash pump to collect. So if you are man enough come to me and call me an oil thief or a trash pump chump. I can also say that there are some of my accounts getting robbed by the biggest company in my area also. Thats life so deal with it.

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