.5 Micron WVO 4 sale in Colorado

I am looking to sell 1 Micron WVO. I collect the WVO from local
Restaurants and then I filter down to 100 Microns. After the
100 Micron filter I send it through my centrifuge. The centrifuge
Gets rid of all the water and waste in the WVO. The final polisihing
of the oil is set through another centrifuge. The end product is .5 to 1 Micron WVO.

How would you like to buy this .5 to 1 micron oil? I also can
run your oil through my system, for a reasonable fee.

Call Tom if interested.
VAP Express, LLC

Eugene, 1 micron WVO. $.34 x


1 micron WVO.
$.34 x 7x5 pounds = $ 2.55 a gallon. Less for monthly customers committing to x number of gallons. I hope this helps.

Tom Munk
VAP Express, LLC

Tom, Please contact me when


Please contact me when you have a moment.

Thank you,

Rob Tames | Hartwell Chemical
480-269-2050 (O)
480-251-2598 (M)
888-453-0954 (F)
SKYPE rob.tames | AIM rtames77 |

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