4 Cylinder Cummins B Diesel Engine on WVO

There is a straight-4 cylinder Cummins B diesel engine that comes in 3.3L and 3.9L sizes.


Wikipedia says the B4.5 is used in agricultural vehicles, while the B6.7 is used in passenger engines. Anyone heard of the B4.5 used in passenger cars or trucks? Would it run on wvo? Is there a 4 cylinder Cummins that is already in passenger vehicles?

I know the Cummins B, especially, is one of the better diesel engines for wvo, but it would be cool if there were one that got really good mpg! Thanks for any links or comments!!

there is no 4cyl cummins

there is no 4cyl cummins diesel engine in passenger vehicles. Although, many people take the 3.9L 4bt and put them in light duty pick-ups and in jeeps. When they do this, there getting between 30-40MPG!! depending on the gear ratio they are using.

I would buy it in a minute. A

I would buy it in a minute. A cummins 4cyl in a 1/2 ton pickup, just say when and ill will be first in line. But of course the manufacturer will tell you they can't meet the epa standard, so we have to take matters into our own hands. That would mean putting one of these engines into a later modle truck or car. from what I have been reading it is already being done. I have been looking into the isb4 Cummins engine, 170hp, 420lbft. 30-35 mpg in a fullsize pickup, just what the green folks wanted....

For the last decade Chrystler

For the last decade Chrystler has furnished a minivan same as ours here in the us with a 4 cylinder diesel that gets 65 mpg,look it up.
Why can't we have it in the U>S>??????same van.

use a 5.9 they are easy to

use a 5.9 they are easy to come by cheaper and more suited to push a motor home than the 4bt,and also the 5.9 will probably get the same or better fuel economy unless you are on extremely flat land.

I have 2, 4 cylinder isb170

I have 2, 4 cylinder isb170 cummins motors with allison transmissions on them, both can be seen running they are in parking lot buses that i am parting out, one is a rebuilt from cummins if interested please call me at 201 206 6881, Roger

I took a 454 out of my 91

I took a 454 out of my 91 chevy crewcab 4x4 dually p/u and put in a 93 6bta .... My fuel miealeage went from 11.5 with the 454 to 25.4 with the 6bta cummins ... it fit quite nicely and was fairly easy to hookup ... I used the dodge transmission and transfercase along with the engine so all I had to do was hookup a couple wires and powersteering lines .... i was able to center the dodge fan in my chevy fan shroud with a few modifications ... i cant make it get hot .. i also put an 01 dodge charge air aftercooler in front of the large GM radiator ... it gets better fuel economy than the dodge did with the larger than factory AIR to AIR aftercooler ... I am currently putting a 98 engine in the same p/u and am going to twin turbo it using a powerstroke turbo behind a 2002 cummins turbo .. the 7.3 powerstroke turbo should give just enough preboost to the 5.9 turbo to jump my boost up to around 45 psi and i am hoping to get around 45 mpg when i get finished

ive been hearing about people

ive been hearing about people putting 4cyl cummins into pick up trucks, im looking for more mpg but also to replace my wimpy 2.3l in my 95 ford ranger, let me know if there is anything out there that i can swap.

i want to buy a 5.9 diesel

i want to buy a 5.9 diesel for my grandpas 350 1980 1 ton p/u can it be done? also i have a 1959 desoto firedome can i retro fit it into there as well? space is not a problem! my friend said the fuel mileage will blow the 7.3 out of the water

Bread trucks in the U.S.A.

Bread trucks in the U.S.A. have been using the 3.9 L cummins for years. Great engine, less power then the 5.9 though. But, anywhere you can fit a V8, it'll fit. for WVO you should look for an in-line injection pump though. In the bread trucks they get about 20 MPG. Perkins also made a 3.9, and you should avoid it like the plauge.

Interested in that Pair of

Interested in that Pair of 4BT's Roger.
Please call Steve at 514-928-9050
If any transmissions or other engine accessories are available, please let me know.



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