WVO Power Lag in '01 Excursion w/ GFS system

I’m also having some problems with my veggie tank and power loss.

I have an ’01 Excursion with a Golden Fuel Systems kit. 14k miles, installed in January of 2006.

This has been occurring for about the last 3k+ miles. I am experiencing a lack of power when using the veggie tank. For example…when going down the freeway at about 60mph, and then trying to accelerate, I am not getting power. The engine will rev up and make all the correct noise, but no power. If I switch over to my 20 gallon diesel tank, wait a few moments and try to accelerate again, it works just fine. This also occurs when going up a hill and trying to accelerate. This is occurring well after warm up. It can happen hours after the truck has been running at good temp.

I have let the veggie tank go bare twice now. After getting it empty, I put 10 gallons of biodiesel and 5 gallons of regular diesel to ‘wash’ the tank out. During the time of my ‘wash’ I am not experiencing the lack of power as described above. I have kept the same Racor on the truck during this time as well. I have done this twice, changing the filter after each ‘wash.’ Again, while the regular fuels (bio-d and regular diesel) are in the tank, I am NOT having any power issues. When the regular fuels are in the veggie tank, it is working just fine. Does this put to rest any thoughts of vacuum or air leaks?

I have just completed my second ‘wash.’ I let the tank go bare, washed with the 15 gallons of regular fuel, keeping the same Racor filter. When the tank was almost empty of the 15 gallons of regular fuel, I changed my Racor and put in some of my very, very good WVO that I’ve been using all year. Within the first 70 miles, I’m again experiencing the power loss. I have also changed the stock fuel filter.

A note on the WVO I’m using: It’s REALLY good stuff. I’ve been using the same source almost exclusively for the last year. My teriyaki restaurant produces almost 80 gallons of fuel for me every month or so.

I have my 55 gallon barrel at the restaurant with a 400 micron filter top over the barrel. I visit the restaurant and pump out. I take the WVO home and let it sit in another 55 gallon barrel with a tank heater for about 36 hours.

After it’s been on the heater, I send it through a sock filter setup I have using the long 1-2 micron sock filters. I then put the finished, filtered WVO into a clean 55 gallon drum. I’ve been using this same process since the day GFS put my system in last January.

So, to recap, I’m not getting power with WVO. If I put regular fuel into the main veggie tank, it works just fine. I’ve just past 14k miles since the install.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

I keep reading of people talking about polymerization…..is this an issue?

In this post, a guy talks about a lift pump issue. Is this an issue with what I’ve listed above? Again, the issue does NOT exist when regular fuel is in the tank, just WVO.

We’ve been experiencing a colder than normal winter here in the northwest. Night time temps are in the high 20’s. Daytime temps are never getting above 40. I keep the WVO tank at about half full to keep warm up times down. My theory being that 20 gallons of WVO is quicker to heat up than 30-40 gallons of WVO. Even with this, I am waiting the appropriate amount of time (I think) for my switchover. I am also keeping the truck plugged in at night with my core heater.


I am sure you have fixed it

I am sure you have fixed it by now, but my 7.3 did the same thing when my stock diesel filter was getting bad. When using WVO in a 7.3 rember to change your stock filters mopre often.

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