Vegie Stroke kit

Have a 99 7.3L and I want a vegie stroke V3 kit. Are they still in business? I have tried calling with no answer & no reply to emails. Please help in California need one now! PS has anyone had problems since company changed hands? Thanks

the owner the original owner

the owner the original owner got called back to duty in the army so he had to let this other guy take over the business the last time i checked they were still in business i have 2 vege stroke kits oone on my 7.3

He went from reserve navy to

He went from reserve navy to active navy but its still around and its called or

Where in California are you? Im in SoCAL and me and a friend are going to install a v3 in his 01 f350

text me if you want
7six0 three 6 eight seven1twozero

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