Raleigh NC and surrounding areas, Used Cooking oil Recycling for FREE

Attention restaurant and cafeteria owners, Honest Harvest Services recycles used cooking oil for FREE, picks up on a conventient schedule and offer excellent customer service. We are servicing several restaurants just like yours and the establishments are pleased with the service and savings. If your establishment is currently paying for this service, please consider giving us a call or sending us an email regarding the FREE PICKUP of your used cooking oil. Your restaurant can help make local fuel for your customers just by recycling something you have to throw away. This will help keep customers coming back too! We recycle 100% of the materials, so you will feel good about contributing to the health of our planet, while helping out small businesses in your community.

We supply clean containers and pick up on your schedule. We can pick up carboys as well if you don't desire a container, just let us know where to pick it up.

Please pass this along to others as we are highly interested in providing this service within your industry.

Thanks for your time.

Honest Harvest goods & services
Stephan Caldwell

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