wvo home oil furnace

ca i use WVO in a fuel oil furnace? i use in my 7.3 ltr diesle truck with 50/50 blend after filtering thru two micron filters and a water vlock filter...cant see why it wont work in a fuel oil furnace?

I've read that you can use it

I've read that you can use it in an oil furnace. The only downfall that users were posting was that the furnace will need maintenanced every 2-6 weeks. Something about the nozzels coking and carbonizing.

I also read that you can buy cone shaped nozzels for the furnace that make it to where you only have to service it twice per winter.

And all of this info was based on 100% waste oil and not a 50/50 mix. I am doing research on this now for a house that I;m renovating. I own a restaurant that produces about 40 gallons a week of WVO.. I usually stock pile it in the winter and produce about 1200-1500 gallons of biodiesel in the summer... But i'm thinking about burning it as heating oil in the winter.

Hope this helps a little, good luck to you, and I will post references as I dig them back up.

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