1). Unknown VWO 2). Mixing/blending


Three questions.

1) How would I use VWO in a situation where I don't know what it is? In other words, someone can give me all the VWO I want, but can't guarantee whether it's this kind of VWO or that kind (rapeseed, olive, palm, etc). In fact it could be all kinds. Should I just take it and use it normally for SVO and for biodiesel (i.e. go ahead and filter it, get the water out of it, etc), or is there some reason to test it first to see what it is (if that is even possible)?

2) Is it advisable, desirable, or even possible to blend or mix various kinds of WVO, both known and unknown (see above), into one homogeneous mixture and then use that mixture either as SVO or in the making of biodiesel?

3) Would you do either of the two above?


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