brown grease


Have a steady supply of both processed Brown and Yellow
Prefer to blend because of storage
Approx 13000 g of Brown and 7000 -10000 gallons of Yellow every 9-10 days
Material is processed like Yellow
moisture below 2%
miu below 2%
ffa acid varies
For info and samples please call

9549145151 Eddie


yellow is from the fryolator

yellow is from the fryolator and is primarily vegetable oil

brown comes from grease traps and contains vegetable oils,fats and grease

the two blended together make it easier to handle and process

Biodiesel and Biofuel

Biodiesel and Biofuel Products Wanted
public company
Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 12/04/2010 - 10:03
we are a public company in USA we looking to buy out oil collection business and rendering plants we consolidating the oil collection and rendering market we also looking to purchase unlimited supply WVO contact john Vees III 646-358-9099


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