Fuel pump Dodge 3500 diesel

Has anyone replaced the fuel pump on a 2004 Dodge 3500 Diesel?

How did it go?

Did you use a retro fit kit?

If it's the injection pump

If it's the injection pump they are very easy. Remove your throttle position sensor and you can very clearly see the IP there. I had a problem running wvo in my 03 which gave me IP codes that were actually clogged sensors not the pump.

The Fuel Pump can be located

The Fuel Pump can be located in the Tank and/Or there is a Transfer Lift pump mounted next to the fuel filter on the block.

Check these before touching the Fuel Injector Pump mentioned in the other post.

You may or may not have a tank pump. I do not know unless it has been taken into a dealer. It is very easy to drop the tank and check the tank pump if there is one.

Good luck.

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