Im getting discouraged! I cant find any place to get oil.

Ok, Im very new to the veggie oil thing. I actually havent even installed the system yet, it was just shipped so we will be setting it up this weekend. My problem has been finding a place to get my oil. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, and I spent the weekend driving around to every chinese restaurant in my area and every single one of them is already giving their oil away (most times to a company who in turn sells it to a biodiesel company).

I know I know, I gotta keep looking and spend more time, but WTF? I had one restaurant who told me that if I brought my own oil bin he would put it in both, he didnt care. But whats the cost of an actual restaurant oil bin, plus how much oil would I actually get if they are putting in both mine and this other one? I know, questions I need to figure out, but Im venting here.

I swear in all my research all I ever read about is how restaurants pay someone to take their oil away, so they will be happy to give it to you for free, which so far is very untrue. Not one place I went to paid anyone, in some cases, they are being paid or the companies set up a grease trap system for them to get their oil. Guess I gotta find some greasy hamburger joint and spend the extra time to clean that nasty oil.

I am new too. Can't find too

I am new too. Can't find too much info. Just on how to buy, install, filter. Looks like people are picking up large quantities. I think "free" is just a dream. Specially if you live in the city

Where do you live? I think if

Where do you live? I think if you go a little further out of the city you will have better luck. I was out in a more rural area today and stopped by one of the grocery stores there. The manager told me some guy used to pick up the oil but he wasn't consistent and they couldn't leave inside waiting for him. I told them I would gladly pick it up every week on time, it's about 35-70 gallons a week. I'll let you know if that works out.

Free is getting harder, you

Free is getting harder, you may have to pay 0.25/g.
Look for out of the way places that are a PITA for renderers
Around here 1/3 of Chinese rest. DON'T have a oil dumpster in back.
That means they just toss it in the dumpster.
Be there that night.
Any place with a fryer may have good wvo.
This includes Little League fields, racetracks, corporate cafeterias.
Be sure they use oil and not lard if using it for SVO system
Become a customer.
Many places will tolerate a 33 or 55 g plastic barrel out back.
Don't always need a bin.

Try smaller places, you might

Try smaller places, you might have to make more stops to get the volume you need, but you might be able to find a few that fill your needs.

My issue is all of my venders are now using their oil way, way to long, and 75+ % of what I pick up is unusable, even after settling over a month. It is so bad, I wont by anything that comes out of their fryolators any more. Do you want frys with that, ah, no thanks.


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