Diesel Engine Swap into VW Bus for WVO

Has anyone heard of putting a diesel engine into one of the older model vw buses? Not the vanagon or the eurovan, but a classic vw bus?

I was thinking a rabbit diesel might fit into to, cause they're both small, but it would be a nice way to burn clean and in style. :)

You can put a 1.6 or 1.9L vw

You can put a 1.6 or 1.9L vw diesel motor back there, mechanical injection turbo charged... all you need. The input shaft on the tranny is different but you get a special clutch for that. You also need a bell housing from a diesel tranny, or an adaptor plate (engine/transmission). If it is a turbo you should not have to worry about your gearing, perhaps some bigger tires to heighten the ratio. Don't forget about the radiator, and you will need to figure a return line for your fuel system... allot of work. Good luck

hey brother im looking at

hey brother

im looking at converting my 73 bay window this spring and have found little on the subject. in regards to what and how this can happen.

so i am stoked to find you here....i have lots of questions.

like what year engine are you swapping out and pretty much a list of steps and gadgets that might be needed to make this happen. i wont blow you up right now just making contact and hope this worked out for you. onelove anthony excited to talk with you.

There is a VW shop in Maine

There is a VW shop in Maine USA that specialiozes in late model Jetta deisel swaps into T2 buses. That means you go to water cooled system... not cheap... but effective.
If you want to find them, contqact SEWFINE upholstery shop in Texas. Just google or c their ad in Hot VW

hello, I have a buggy (burro)

hello, I have a buggy (burro) that was vw powered there is no engine in it at present, I live in so oregon where the weather is a little wet in winter (to say the least ) I would like to convert it to a diesel 1.9 tdi does anyone make the adapters ? did you make yours ? where would I find a used engine ? any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Mike. animalmike@charter.net 541 226 6207

You can do it!

I am actually researching the same thing but with a TDI diesel. The TDI (turbo direct injection) has basically the same 1.9l block as the TD(turbo diesel-technically IDI(Indirect Injection)) however has the injectors spray into the cylinder because it has a better head design. The TDI is the engine that will give you the most tangible results as far as power and efficiency and emissions. You will need of course the engine, harness, pcm, motor mounts, and also a way to move the power. I want to try it with the whole powertrain out of a late model TDI golf or jetta, but that would make me need to either A) fabricate CV axles that are the correct length or B) get lucky on a match
Also, the suspension is not satisfactory to me, so really i would need the whole car to part from.

If you want to run the TDI on the stock tranny, the input shaft is different for gas and diesel transaxles.
I'm not a professional, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

bio-diesel VW bus

In our 1982 VW bus which we converted to run on bio-diesel and waste vegetable oil. So, I think it is possible... We’re now just mostly working on small things to get the Volkswagen bus parts ready for our trip: fixing the curtains, replacing the interior upholstery, deep cleaning the inside, and working out the last kinks in the grease system and new engine. We’ve got a few more weeks before we hit the road, and were very happy that this test run of the grease system did so well. Yay for the volksvegan! May there be many more greasy miles ahead…

vw diesel conversion

just wondering what sort of siesel will fit into a 1979 type 2, and perferably one that can do bio...? saw one at burning man and it was a 1979 or older, purring away on biodiesel...so cool...also it had hammock chairs hanging from each corner of the roof...hjahhahaha
im at kingpinbelly@yahoo.ca

it can be done

I saw a karman ghia with a 1.6l turbo diesel engine. They used the vanagon stuff to put it in. I can't imagine why it can't be done on a bus. You need the input shaft or diesel trans, bellhousing adapter, vanagon oil pan and pickup, may have to fabricate the engine mount to clear a jetta turbo diesel manifold, much easier if you use the quantum setup. Exhaust can be homemade and the little stuff always adds up. The parts mentioned above will run about $750 or so. A good used diesel turbo engine with low miles usually goes for 1500-2000. These guys have vanagon install kits as well as used and new vw diesels motors. MY rabbit has been very happy with one of their 60k mile used 1.6l turbo diesel engines.



I saw in a VW mag about this time last year, a conversion utilizing a 1.9L Jetta TDI. Very tight fit, but very clean. I believe it was a '78-79 bus.

people people

go to kennedy enginering. they make an adapter plate and flywheel setup that uses a factory baywindow bus transaxle

Check ELSBETT.COM out they

Check ELSBETT.COM out they have all kinds of SVO conversion kits and the 1.9 D / TD is an ideal engine.
We do the installation in California,if you have questions call us:925 447 8224

I have a very clean 1971

I have a very clean 1971 Kombi that I just purchased. It has been sitting in my neighbors garage for 21 years without an engine or trans. I have a 1979 type 4 2.0 temporarily installed in it at this time to fabricate rear engine mounts and engine sheet metal mods before I overhaul the engine. It has the 002 bus tranny with a 091 input shaft and bell housing for the 228mm clutch. Ideally I would rather have the diesel. What can you tell me about yours before spend much money to rebuild the type 4 into a reliable engine? How good is yours on highway driving and general drivability? I've done many engine swaps in the past and am a good fabricator. Any info would help. Thanks, Steve (970) 689-9935 Fort Collins, Co. 4900 elevation

My daughter wants to make an

My daughter wants to make an electric vw bus. All electric. I figure there is lots of room for batteries on the floor. Golf cart ones o something like that. Any one know abut an electric motot to mount to the transaxel in the bus???

hey brother you can google

hey brother you can google for electric motors, and electricbus blog exist as well. It is possible and fairly easy im goin with the diesel engine option...i feel as though electric or veggie diesel is the way for sure, electric for round town and diesel for the long haul. well i hope this helps good luck with the project onelove

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