Need help filtering WVO Bay Area

we're heading through the bay area on a road trip tomorrow (Thursday June 17th), my friend who lives there was able to find 50 gal of veg for us but it's un-filtered. We're trying to figure out a way to filter this stuff. If we found some 1-micron (or so) sock filters we could make a system out of buckets (i think) but I can't seem to find a location in the bay area to buy bag style filters. agh! Any help/ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks,


P.S. if anyone in the bay area would like to trade we could give all this unfiltered WVO in exchange for some filtered veg? Plus a little cash for your time :)

Ben, I know this is an older


I know this is an older post but we're always looking for networking for our own road tripping purposes. We spent hours on our last trip looking on our route. We're trying to find locations and was wondering if you filter at home and if you do if you sell some to the passer bys? Also, if you had any luck in San Fran because we visit friends there often and are looking for sources when we get there. We live in CO so let me know if you're coming this way ever. We're getting our filter up and running and would love some advice too.
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