How hard is it to find WVO in South Florida? Local Greaser respond please!

Very interested in converting my car but i need to know the availability of WVO in fort lauderdale? Can any body tell me? Do local restaraunt give it away or do they usualy sell to recycle companies???? Help!

There are a couple of

There are a couple of comapnies that sell it locally to people needing it for their conversions. Craigslist will be you best bet to find them. And the market has gotten soooo competitive that restaurants will not just give it away anymore. If you have a place you frequent ask the owner, even if you give him .50 a gallon, you will beat most rendering companies. But you have to collect, and keep it clean or you will burn a bridge quick. Good luck

Thanks, Seems smaller

Seems smaller companies are better bet. Bigger companies all say no pretty quickly. Craigslist is only large quantities so far. Why is it so competitive. I know they use it for cosmetics. I didn't know there was such a tight market on the stuff. The grease trap companies must resell it at a large profit!

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