Importing Diesel Royal Enfied Bullet Motorcycles to the USA

Hi - Does anyone know of a dealer who is importing the diesel motorcycles Royal Enfield to the USA? Thanks!

I just imported a Royal

I just imported a Royal Enfield from India. You cannot import the diesel Enfield as it does not pass emissions. I was told it is a "no no" as far as imports go. You can though get an Enfield and get everything you need from Sommer motorcycles in Germany. They use a Hatz diesel engine and they offered to supply me with all mounting and parts needed to install. This makes for much less work as you need to fabricate a mounting plate for the engine and a couple other things.If you are on a budget though a Hatz diesel single cylinder engine would run you about $2,500 USD. A more affordable option would be to get a Yanmar clone engine from China for a more reasonable $400-$800 depending on what engine you get. Yet another option is to get an Enfield from India and talk a dealer into giving you an old enfield diesel Greaves engine origional to the bike and ship it to another address so customs doesn't question why you are importing a motorcycle and the diesel engine. I explored that option when purchasing my bike but the greaves engine is more poluting, less reliable , and less efficient than a newer epa certified diesel engine. feel free to contact me if you wish for more info. I have not yet converted the bike. I need to wait to get more money before purchasing the next engine.

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