3/4 or 1 ton truck which is best for SVO conversion?

I need to tow a 8,000# trailer. My wife drives a prius & I'd feel like an ass if I drove a gas guzzling F350 pig SO I was going to go diesel so I could at lease run on bio-diesel then go svo.

Which truck/ engine will I have the least trouble running on. I was looking at an '08 F350 but I was told the newer engines have more trouble with blocked injectors & the 2002-2004 F250 7.3L powerstoke was the way to go. Originally I was thinking of going with a Dodge 2500 till the local dealer ticked me off.

Who has an opinion & what is it based on? Your help is appreciated, thanks.

Ford stopped making the 7.3L

Ford stopped making the 7.3L in 2003.5 and went to the 6.0L. The 7.3L is amazing....it's what I use. The 6.0L was a mistake, but in 2008 they went to the 6.4L, which I have heard good things about. I'm not to familiar with that one though. For Dodge, stay clear of 1998.5-2003 and you're golden!
Hope that helps a little!

oh, and to the question on

oh, and to the question on whether to go 350 or 250...the only difference, in my opinion, between the two is the 350 has beefier springs, says 350 instead of 250 and costs a couple grand more! Same engine!

I am selling my 97 F350

I am selling my 97 F350 crewcab with a FRYBRID 2 tank WVO system. Do a search for WVO on Craigslist San Diego, you will find all details and pics there. An awesome truck, loves the WVO and is Smog Exempt! I used to pull a 5th wheel RV but we are selling all our stuff now as we are moving overseas. I'll miss this truck.

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