sprinter wvo conversion

Anyone out there do a Sprinter conversion to WVO? Advice on year of vehicle, other would be much appreciated.
Feel free to email at hoenalu@gmail.com as well...thank you...

I have a 2005 Sprinter I run

I have a 2005 Sprinter I run on WVO. I have some issues I'd like to discuss and maybe help you avoid the same. I've pooched some injectors and more recently burning up IP's. Not sure what gives, think I've isolated it to ball valves eating into the springs that push them. Will know in a week if that solves the problem. Not sure why, maybe too much suspended water in oil? I mist, settle, draw off top 90%, heat, settle, and then run on a totaly custom installlation. I'm quite sure my fuel is 180+ before it hits the IP. But I've pooched 3 of them in about 25,000 miles. Any advice is welcome. Email me FriedMinded@Yahoo.com

well, what are your updates

well, what are your updates to this topic?

I would wait until your warranty expires, then fiddle on w/ this project

since the sprinter is mercedes powered, i hope to see similar results to the 300D models

I am investigating the

I am investigating the possibilities of sending a theatre troupe on tour in a Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter converted to run on vegetable oil. The only kit I have found so far is for a 2006 Dodge Ram. Will this kit work? My guess is that the new ones do not have the "old tech" injectors. So, where do I find a conversion kit that will work?
Any help would be hot!

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