Help Bring the VW T5 EUROVAN DIESEL to the US!!!

1-800-374-8389 !!Contact Today!! 1-800-374-8389

I just got off the phone with VWOA and I mentioned to the Volkswagen sales advocate about starting a petition to bring the T5 auto and 5 &6-speed to the US MARKET in 2007. She mentioned to me that the only thing we could do is have as many people contact this number 1-800-374-8389 and express interest in having the T5 Eurovan in the US. Be sure to mention your interest in the 5-speed model & 6-speed model w/ the TDI while on the phone, and spread the word about this post, the more contacts the better.

VW T5 Diesel Van Pics:

My understanding is you get a

My understanding is you get a one time exemption for a new vehicle and that there are no restrictions on bringing in a used one. That is what my mechanic tells me, as I am interested in getting a vehicle like yours. Not sure how you would verify this.


My further research so far

My further research so far says there may be prohibitive restrictions by several government agencies, like the DOT, EPA, the NHTSA, and whatever state transportation agency has jurisdiction in your state. It is very confusing and I am hoping talking to NHTSA registered auto importers will help. The one I've spoken to so far says you cannot import ANY diesel car whatsoever. I hope he was wrong.

My latest findings: I spoke

My latest findings:
I spoke to a very helpful importer in California (where I live) who told me that if the car you want to import is not on the NHTSA list of vehicles eligible for importation, you can still get it in if it is "substantially similar" to one on the list. In the case of the TDI Eurovan, the similar car would be the Eurovan up to 2003, which is on the list. the importer has to petition for importation (get this) after the vehicle is shipped to the importer, and the whole process costs $7000 to $8000 and can take 4 or 5 months. And then, in California, a car must be emissions tested, but the folks who do the testing don't have a test for diesels, so another petition must be made (to CalTrans, maybe?), which doesn't add to the cost, just the time. But this importer has had experience with these, and sounded like if you have the money and patience it is doable. He also said typically the shipping cost runs about $2500.
The other option for bringing a car which is not on the NHTSA list would be to get it on the list. The only way to do that is to purchase two of the most basic, inexpensive vehicles of the model year you want (so no camper features, etc.) prior to buying the vehicle you want to drive, and have those two crash tested, and ultimately destroyed at a lab, in order to determine whether they meet US safety standards. If they pass, that model year goes on the NHTSA list and anyone thereafter can bring one over with no problem. The problem is, of course buying two extra vehicles which end up as scrap, and the rather signifcant cost of the whole testing and petitioning process: $100K! NOt something for an individual to undertake. But what if a group of people pooled their money for this and could agree on a model year (and ascertain that enough of the chosen vehicles are available for purchase in Europe). A hundred people could put in $1000 each. It would be worth it to me. The importer I spoke to, at Autostadt West, in Rancho Cordova, CA, said he might know of some organizations who would get involved and help defray the cost if there was a group of interested people. Hit me back if you are interested, and spread the word. I can be reached at Maybe if we had a critical mass VW would get on board.

Once the vehicle is at least

Once the vehicle is at least 25 years old, there are no restrictions on bringing a vehicle into the US, even with a diesel engine, even without safety glass and without inside door beams. Just make sure all of your paperwork matches with all of the numbers of the vehicle. I have been looking to import a Ford Falcon 4-door sedan with a 351 c.i.d. VW from Australia to convert to make it look like one of the police cars from the movie "Mad Max"

We have lived in France for 3

We have lived in France for 3 years and bought a California T5 shortly after arriving. We LOVE it and can't imagine not having it in the US. We have been adding accessories but do not want to continue if we won't be able to bring it back with us, so we have the same question that I have seen here: Is it possible and if so where can we find the specifics about what is required?

I am an American living in

I am an American living in Europe. Many of my European colleagues have the T5 in various models and they give it high praise for its function and performance.

I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey I've been very pleased with, however my family has outgrown it. The Transporter looks like the perfect fit and I would purchase it if I could be assured I'd be able to license in the US.

However, after reading all these posts and researching online, it doesn't appear the T5 can be permanently licensed in the US.

Unless you can verify the T5 has a certification label stating the vehicle complies with all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards, it cannot be imported. It will not pass customs and it will not be released to you unless you tackle the cumbersome arrangements required by law to bring into compliance.

I don't know what physical alterations the T5 would require.

Government intervention, through tax-payer bailouts in the auto industry and restrictive trade legislation/protectionist tariffs, violate free trade (laissez faire) economics.

The only thing you can do is contact your congressmen and voice your unhappiness with the "chicken tax". Kill the chicken!

Another option is to talk to

Another option is to talk to Winnebago. They used to distribute the last Eurovan model in the US. If there is a business model that works for them, there may be a way to bring the T5 California Comfort model to the US. They could import the chassis and do the camping build out themselves. Hopefully use exactly the same floor plan and components as the Germans!
Send an email to Sonia at Winnebago at:
I love that car!!!

Here is copy of my dialog

Here is copy of my dialog with Winnebago:
Hello Sonia
there are people all over the US and Canada looking for VW to bring their VW Eurovan back to the US. Their latest model, the T5 California Comfort has generated tremendous interest amongst North American Baby Boomers due to following features.
- All whell drive
- Diesel
- 30 MPG
- small but expandable through electric pop up roof
- exceptional interiors
- exceptional camping interior equipment such as compressor top load refridgerator
Still VW does not offer this car in the US due to import regulations (from what I hear).
I would think this to be a good opportunity for Winnebago to work with VW (as you did in the past) to bring this car to the US. Maybe you can work on the interior to generate some value for you.
I am attaching the spec for your information. There are two models in the spec. I am referring to the second car listed.
You might want to forward this request to your marketing people!
I would appreciate if you could let me know whether there are any plans by Winnebago to address a car like that! There is a compelling business case for a car like this. Remember your typically buyer profile is changing with energy conscious baby boomers!
Any feedback you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Called today, They have zero

Called today, They have zero info on importation of a T5 to the US...Too bad really. I wonder if they think the cost would keep them from selling them here or the import tariffs are just too high? I guess it's the same thing really...

I drove a 2009 California

I drove a 2009 California camper van around 6 countries in Europe last year. We rented it in Munich and drove over 2000 miles at 31 mpg. That included crazy speeds on the Autobahn.

It is an amazingly fun and comfortable vehicle to drive. It is insane that our government cannot break free of the US auto makers hold to offer much better vehicles than made here. Diesel engines there are so much better and do not have the odor you find here.

It's clear a small but

It's clear a small but dedicated bunch of - dare I say - zealots would LOVE to see the VW Eurovan return to the US. The main problem, aside from the chicken tax, is volume. At their peak VW sold just a few thousand Eurovans of all types per year, vs. tens/hundreds of thousands of GTI's, Jettas, etc. It's cruel that the T5 Eurovan is christened the California...

Few Thousand Eurovans??...

Few Thousand Eurovans??... Huh! Well they must have sold them all in Portland Oregon, because I see them all around town every day. I have a 2001 Eurovan and everyone tells me they'd love to have one

If VW sold the T5 here, I

If VW sold the T5 here, I would buy one tomorrow!!!! I'm a baby boomer and owned a VW bus in the 70's and had the best time in my life in that vehicle. Now I have to settle for a used Eurovan with lots of miles on it . This sucks VW!!!!!

I managged to get ahold of

I managged to get ahold of the VW Canada's CEO e-mail address and sent him the following...

see the reply after... Don't hold your breath wating for a T5.
If it really is that difficult to make the T5 work here, then maybe VW CA should put their hand up an ask VW Commercial Vehicles to engineer the T6 with Canada/US in mind...

G’Day John,

I am a long time loyal VW owner and I have sent in a number of inquiries regarding certain VW products missing from the offering here in Canada. I have received null responses from any snail mail letters and received only polite canned automatic responses generated from electronically submitted inquiries, muttering on about marketing objectives. None of which has really answered my questions.

So please forgive the direct contact, but perhaps this may elicit some response from an actual person and who best to ask but the man in charge?

As I mentioned above I have been a long time VW supporter having owned 11 VW vehicles over the years here in Canada as well as in Australia including at least one each of the Golf generations MK1-MKIV, Jetta TDI A4 , Passat (B3 TDI & B5.5 1.8T ), New Beetle TDI and T4 Transporter and a T4 Eurovan.

I am hoping that with VW Canada’s newfound independence within the VW group as opposed to being lumped in under the umbrella of VWOA maybe we can get some of the stuff that has been hiding in Europe and show the Americans how it’s done.

I would like to plead my case so to speak to express my desire to see VW Canada bring the T5.5 Multivan and Transporter to the Canadian market. I think that if VW AG wants to hit their lofty sales targets in North America they are going to have to fill out the product offering with something other than just several versions of basically the same passenger cars and a couple of overpriced SUV’s.

I think that there is a sizeable potential market for these vehicles here given Canadians’ penchant for vans, no matter how uncool they are. The T4 Eurovan and T4 Transporter did not sell well under VWOA’s watch because they are really quite hopeless when it comes to specifying and pricing vehicles. The T4 Eurovans were over spec’d and overpriced and Transporters were just poorly spec’d with only one configuration and hampered by a low powered non turbo Diesel motor.

With the recent successes of the Ford Transit connect (that VW could have had had the Caddy arrived first) and the oversized and over priced Sprinter there is a market for a “right sized” diesel powered van in both passenger and cargo configurations. I was recently in Mexico and had a ride in a T5 passenger shuttle with 1.9TDI and 6-spd MT and it flat out hauled. With Daimler pulling the plug on the Sprinter agreement with Dodge/ Chrysler there is an opportunity here to hit the sweet spot in the market and hit the market priced in between the Connect and Sprinter before Fiat gets their act together and starts bringing over re-badged Iveco/Fiat vans.

I am also curious, having spent some years living in Australia how is it that VW there can field such a diverse line up there including T5’s Caddys, Polos etc in a smaller market than Canada? VW Australia commands a similar overall market share as does VW Canada here with less overall units sold, and can do so having to deal with RHD issues and arguably more problematic ADR’s (Australain Design Rules) to comply with? VW Australia had an unprecedented amount of influence on the design and spec of the new Amarok, and neither VW unit in NA seemed to be the interested in this, it’s just mind boggling…

What I believe would work is to bring the Multivan Startline and Comfortline, and small number of the California camper, along with the Transporter. Amortizing the cost of TC /CMVSS approvals for the T5 platform across these models should make financial sense. How much money did VW make on the Phaeton, Touareg V-10 TDI, Passat W8 after getting those super low volume models through approvals?

With the CAD’s continuing strengthening against the Euro (and USD) it should be possible to get these here starting in low 30’s and go up from there.

There is nothing as versatile or space efficient as the Eurovan on the market today. I use mine as a daily driver, hauling people to the airport, to getting groceries, hauling full size off-road motorcycles (seats out), towing a trailer etc. Coupled with a clever advertising campaign I believe they would be a big success.

The T series really is the Swiss Army knife of vans in a reasonably compact, garagable package. Ideally a new T5.5 Multivan Comfortline with the 103 kW 2.0 TDI with a 6 speed would fit the bill. The recent T5.5 re-design that put the new corporate face on the T5 blends into the lineup better than the disaster called the Routan.

That Chrysler piece of junk has done more harm to VW’s reputation than any vehicle in recent memory. Such a blatent case of brand engineering cooked up by two former Daimler buddies, how that was allowed to happen I don’t know. They should have just brought the T5 over when it came out…

So I think you should take a serious look at these vans before Fiat / Chrysler beats VW to the punch and brings over Ram branded diesel powered Fiat vans …


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your message and interest in Volkswagen.

There are no plans to import the Multivan into the Canadian market. The vehicle is not certified to meet North American requirements (safety and emissions) which are different than those of the European market. As far as Australia, their government accepts European certified vehicles which is the reason that Volkswagen has a different product lineup in that country.

Making the many engineering changes to enable the Multivan to meet the more stringent North American markets for the low volume generated by this vehicle would result in an unattractive price position. Hence our partnership with Chrysler.

Trust this responds to your question.

If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Sylvain Yergeau our Customer Relations Manager.

Yours truly,

John White

According to my insurance

According to my insurance broker there is nothing to stop me from
flying down to Mexico and buying a van and driving it back to British
Columbia. But I wonder if she really knows what she's talking about?

NONRESIDENTS may import a

NONRESIDENTS may import a vehicle duty-free for personal use up to one (1) year if the vehicle is imported in conjunction with the owner's arrival. Vehicles imported under this provision that do not conform to U.S. safety and emission standards must be exported within one year and may not be sold in the U.S. There is no exemption or extension of the export requirements.

U.S. CITIZENS employed abroad or government employees returning on TDY or voluntary leave may import a foreign made car free of duty provided they enter the U.S. for a short visit, claim nonresident status, and export the vehicle when they leave.

MILITARY AND CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES of the U.S. government returning at the end of an assignment to extended duty outside the customs territory of the U.S. may include a conforming vehicle among their duty-free personal and household effects. The auto must have been purchased abroad and be in its owner's possession prior to departure. Generally, extended duty is 140 days or more. Navy personnel serving aboard a U.S. naval vessel or a supporting naval vessel from its departure from the U.S. to its return after an intended overseas deployment of 120 days or more are entitled to the extended duty exemption Conforming vehicles imported under the duty-free exemption are dutiable if sold within one year of importation. Duty must be paid at the most convenient Customs office before the sale is completed. Conforming vehicles so imported may remain in the U.S. indefinitely once a formal entry is made for EPA purposes. (See below, "Emission Standards.")

Hi again, I just responded to

Hi again,
I just responded to your post but realized there was no way for you to respond to me. my email is

I have a buddy in SF stationed in Stutgard right now and was just thinking how awesome it would be if he could bring back a new California for me. I'm active duty too and almost considering asking for a station in Germany just to get the rig. Wishful thinking i know.

Any info you can send me on military importing would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

I am a landscape contractor,

I am a landscape contractor, very frustrated by the lack of fuel efficient cargo vans in the US. In Canada one can buy a Mitsubishi Delica, which is fuel efficient. In Mexico, a VW Transporter. Here in the US, all we have is the Mercedes Sprinter. I too am looking for some way to buy a truly fuel efficent cargo van. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to proceed, other than launch a political campaign to change the law?

I too would like to import a

I too would like to import a T5 Transporter after visiting my friend in England this summer. His T5 hauls the kids, dirt bikes and road race motorcylces. There is nothing even close on the market in Canada except the Mercedes (Dodge) Sprinter. How is that Merecedes got around the Chicken tax when VW Canada can't figure it out. If VW sold millions of 60's Transporters they should be able to sell T5's. Its a disgrace that VW is selling a rebadged Chrysler mini-van. As far as importing one, Canada Customs has made changes so that now you cannot import a vehicle which is not US or Canada spec (period). Maybe we need to petition Ottawa to drop the Chicken tax which makes no sense in a global automotive market.

as much i know is you do not

as much i know is you do not have problems bringing a vehicle into the country as long it is 15 years or older
i did bring many older mercedes over from germany,once 15 yrso;d no problem
i guess we have to wait just a little bit lnger and thn look for a good used one??!

Hi i live in Norway, and i

Hi i live in Norway, and i own a VW T5, 2,5litre TDi 5 cyl in line 174hp, 400nm torc.2008mod. This is a very good van to drive. It is fast,comfy,exelent road grip,good looking. I can drive it a long way,and it is so comfy, that i dont get tired. Mine is the Caravelle spec, with dark glas all around 5 to 7 seats black paint,alu wheels 235.55.17tyres,you can also use up to 275.35.20 if you want bigger. It uses one liter diesel on 10 kilometer in the city, and 0,7 on 10 kilometer on hiway.(one mile is 1,6 kilometer)I have driven it against american vans with big v8 engines, and it is strange,but the VW is much faster,better road grip,and uses a lot less diesel or petrol than the american Chevys, and Fords, we tested it against.Wery strange it was so much faster, when you look at the big engines in the v8 vans,both petrol and diesel.The VW was faster both in acceleration, and top speed.
You must take this van to USA,and save the air you breath, so tha our children can have a clean earth.

VW of North America lacks

VW of North America lacks vision. Now instead of a TDI Eurovan with spectacular fuel economy and reliability/longevity, they offer us yet another @#$@# Dodge Caravan in disguise. This vehicle takes many forms: Chrysler Town and Country; Dodge Grand Caravan, etc. and they are ubiquitous.

There is no comparable van here in the US. Throughout the year , I use this van for:

family outings (seats 7)

daily 75 mile commute

camping (and sleep comfortably and safely in the vehicle)

hauling furniture or large items

transporting entire 4x8 foot sheet goods such as plywood

There is nothing that could replace this on the US market right now.

I looked at the Dodge Sprinter, but it's way too tall and impractical.

I phoned them earlier today and they still hold to their party line that there are no plan to import the vehicle. Do they have any idea what they're doing? Are they owned by BP? I don't get it.

It's the end of 2010, and I

It's the end of 2010, and I still want my T5!

VW should look at the numbers of Ford Transits and Dodge Sprinters around. The T5 is the missing link in the North American
market. The T5 is light years beyond anything currently available in Canada in the van market.

I don't get it, I'm gonna drive my T4 into the ground and then I'll buy another.

Is there some kind of

Is there some kind of conspiracy between the Car manufatorers (we know about the one between them and the oil corporations already) to sell their junks including the ubiquitous ones? Or are the American (and Canadian) prople the rich lucky guys for one seat one engine "automobile"s?
Car manufactorers conspiracy. You know?
I'm going to make this model, and you make that model somehow similar but this has these and that has those, this with a little bit longer or bigger but doesn't have this but instead it costs that much...etc.
How come the chicken tax was detoured with Eurovan but not with Multivan?
The Free Market Economy? And the new technology? Vowwww...

I believe that with the NAFTA

I believe that with the NAFTA agreements these highly reliable and economical vehicles were restricted from N. American markets where they might seriously hurt the American Mini-Van manufacturers sales.
As for ME _ the Sienna, caravan, and Odyssey standard conversions for WheelChair access DO ONLY THAT - there IS NO ADDITIONAL SPACE for meaningful functionality (like fold-out bed and basic camping config - to really get use out of the vehicles other than commuting to work or grocerie / beer store?
I Really need a Long T5 T6 Kombi / Sportline Similar to add in WheelChair LIFT and use the Van to Live A Little!!


Valley Forge PA

How about the Microbus?

How about the Microbus? 2002? 2003? 2004? 2005?
-Honey what year is it?
-20,001, why?
_ I was just wondering, if the VWoA has any plan to bring the Multivan to the North American market or manufacture the Microbus?
-Well maybe next year...but only if you call them...

I saw a little line in the

I saw a little line in the Canadian CBSA Regulation. It said that if you want to import any car in Canada from a country other then US and the car is newer then 15 years, you can do so If you move back to Canada, or if you are a first time settler to Canada. After this they say " You are exempt from the above import regulations if you are importing a vehicle after its year of manufacture that you received as a gift from a friend or a relative abroad. The CBSA requires a signed document between bought parties certifying that it was a gift (i.e. no money changed hands and no other valuable considerations were involved)." . Could this be done in the case of a VW T5?

I imported a 1992 T4

I imported a 1992 T4 (eurovan) doublecab pickup truck from Canada years ago. It met all of the epa regulations, and was just like a US Eurovan, so I got it in for only $80 at customs. Wish it had the TDI like my Passat though.

Apparently VW did not have

Apparently VW did not have great sales results with the Eurovan, so they are not going to the trouble to make the T5.2 California importable. It's California dreaming only. There's not really anything comparable (other than a used Eurovan), either.

I got tired of waiting so I

I got tired of waiting so I built my own... bought a used 2.4L diesel off of ebay Germany and a used 5 speed from a salvage yard and used them to replace the gas engine/auto trans in my '93 Eurovan MV. It's not fast, but it gets 30+ mpg and will be running on WVO in a week or two. Put a hot fox in the stock tank and will stuff a 10 gallon tank for diesel under the left side (where the campers carry propane). If I did it again I'd probably put in a 1.9 tdi, but this was pretty easy and is working well :)

Well it's now 2011 and still

Well it's now 2011 and still no new VW Camper on the market in the US. I just called VWOA and the woman was very nice but told me there were no plans to bring one in. What a bummer, I surely don't understand the problem, seems like many of us wanting to give VW some $$$$$. I am about to buy a 2000 Eurovan Camper because it's the only thing on the market that makes sense to me. It's safer than the 80's and 90's models but boy do I wish it looked cooler :p

Keep calling them!

I read a number of postings

I read a number of postings (not all) and I understand the frustration with VW. I own a 2002 Eurovan MV and would much rather have the Tdi engine for greatly improved mileage. I read one of the post about how Ford is able to import the Connect as a passenger car and then convert it into a commercial unit. I don't see why the T5 with all the seats and glass is classfied as a commercial vehicle since the passenger vans are totally different from the commercial vans in Europe in terms of finish. Maybe it has something to do with the weight. I think VW's lack of interest has to do with the low sales numbers of the late model Eurovan in the US, but with gas prices up and the new body style of the T5 I think this would do much better.

I have two Land Rover Discovery Tdi in Europe and they get great gas mileage. I have toyed with the idea of finding a later model Discovery with the engine that is shot and looking into buying a used 3.0 Tdi motor in Europe, importing it and putting it in the vehicle. I haven't check into this so I don't know the difficulty of importing the motor alone. The same thing might be possible with a T4, but I am sure it would involve a lot of modifications if even possible. A corresponding year motor would fit into the van but my guess is that you would have to replace the transmission as well since the T4 tranny is only a four speed and is prone to problems unless you maintain it very well. It probaly would not handle the torque. You would also need to modify the exhaust and fuel line to run diesel. The plus side is that you would have a pre existing registered vehicle in the US, so no problems with importing the entire vehicle. It may be a problem though at emissions testing since no VW vehicles in the US have the 2.5 Tdi motor. It would be a very interesting project though for someone who really wanted a T4 Tdi.

chev astro van owner since

chev astro van owner since 1991, need a new one and gm won't make them any more, there is nothing else size wise on the maket, either to big or too small.
these T5s look like the anwser so where do we buy them in canada?

I called to leave my request

I called to leave my request that the T5 California Eurovan with diesel and manual transmissions be imported into the U.S. FYI I have been working on this same issue for a year or two with VW of America. My contact has been Nathan at VW Customer Care at The barriers for VW of America so far are that roughly 54 modifications would need to be made at the factory in Germany in order to meet U.S. safety, economy, and emission standards. In addition, VW of America would have to stock the expensive parts inventory and train the mechanics at sales locations. But if the market demand is strong enough, these barriers will fall. Let's make it happen. I've seen this vehicle in Europe and the Europeans love it.

Hi, I contacted VW via the


I contacted VW via the above email address requesting that VW import, (or build it here), the T5 for the North American market and got a pleasant, canned response. A few days later I was asked to fill out a survey - it took about 2 minutes and again requested that the T5 be be made available to the Norht American market. It might have no impact at all, ever. but it took less than five minutes so I'd encourage people to do the same.

Still waiting for a T5 in the Rockies!


I have been researching how

I have been researching how to buy a T5. My local VW dealer is trying to sell me a Routon. I won't go near it! This information has answered all of my questions. Looks like I may be looking for a good used 2003 Eurovan. I do not need or want any camper package, I desire a van to haul flowers & travel, my everything vehicle!
I can file for Canadian citizenship, but the process of importing a T5 looks daunting.
Thanks for all the info.


keep buying all of the

keep buying all of the foreign shi# and wonder why the american economy sucks, hope you enjoy your cheap ride while the american economy crashes because you would rather support foriegn economys

I'm in my 50s and over the

I'm in my 50s and over the years have bought a small fleet of vehicles for my wife, kids, and myself - nearly all American made, I have no complaints about any of the past American made vehicles, nor the three current American made vehicles we all drive now. No one offers anything close to the T5 VW Van (especially the Rockton version of the T5 in the North American market. VW is the third largest manufacturer of autos on the planet, including a plant that is opening in Tennessee.... yes that one - the state! They could make a decision to produce the vehicle right here for the north American market.
That the T5 is offered for sale around the world, except here, speaks for its quality. But I suspect you are one of the morons that was against the recent US government involvement in GM...

"VW Group's 62nd plant, the Volkswagen Group of America plant is located on a 1,350 acres (550 ha) site and was inaugurated in May 2011, anticipating an annual capacity of 150,000 cars." (Wikipedia)

Or if you don't believe the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

Still waiting in Colorado for a T5 Van

Its great that these foreign

Its great that these foreign companys are buildind there products here but the money still returns to their mother land thus creating the trade imbalances the US is experiencing . You may also want to look at the tariffs that these countries impose on US goods imported to their countries and if you still wish to support countries that our politicians allow to screw us then you are as much of the problem as they are . I hope if you have children they will enjoy their jobs at walmart,taco bell, Mcd's because with the loss of manufacturing in this country thats where we are headed. So screw your neighbors,children, friends,and fellow americans and make sure you support the chinese germans or other foreign workers.

The T5 VW van is not imported

The T5 VW van is not imported to the US because of a 1960s US tariff known as the "chicken tax" which would increase the US/Canadian comsumer cost beyond reasonable price points and the vehicle would need to be reengineered to pass the safety and emissions thresholds for our market. Why are you so angry...? It's a VW van we are talking about ... ya know....peace... love!!

Still waiting for a T5 VAn in Colorado


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