Blending in small qty

I am interested in blending small amounts of WVO (peanut oil) from a small concession biz, I have a 100 gal tank in truck and my thought was to start with a 25% blend WVO rest diesel with 1 oz per 10 gal Diesel Kleen to increase cetane number.

1. Is 25% to much for a stock Cummins (2006 model).
2. If I use my current filter system on tank to transfer to tank will this be enough (10-14 micron).
3. Will the addition of Diesel Kleen help or hurt?


I would only start out with

I would only start out with 10% and work your way up in 10% increament to see how well the truck likes it.

I've seen that for that year of truck around 40/60 wvo/diesel.

I would recommend filtering to 2-3microns

Deisel kleen will help

Right now I'm at 40% right

Right now I'm at 40% right now in 7.3 Powerstroke. I'd start low and see what it likes. I wouldn't use diesel Kleen. I'd run diesel 911 which is better at preventing gelling. I've got diesel 911 blended at 120:1 and 2 cycle mix at 200:1 and it run great on it.

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