2006 Dodge cummins 5.9

Is 2006 5.9 Dodge cummins diesel a good motor to convert to vegetable oil? Thanks

Dont waste your money!! The

Dont waste your money!!
The common rail high pressure system does not like it and will end up costinging you more money in the long run.
You need to purchase a 94-02 cummins and then you only have to deal with the vp44 injection pump once it goes out.

That's actually not acurate

That's actually not acurate info...the vp44 was replaced with a junk bosch in 1998.5!!!! You want 1994-1998.5 Anything 2003 and newer is also good to go! As great and longlasting as the 94-98.5's are the newer ones are easier to find and have much nicer options. So the answer to your question is actually, YES! You're 2006 is a good candidate to run WVO!

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