$1.30 per gallon for raw used cooking oil in California

Intelifuel CIA LTDA, an

Intelifuel CIA LTDA, an American owned, Ecuadorian based company is beginning to take pre-orders for bulk shipments of Waste Vegetable Oil.

Intelifuel will sell and export WVO to the USA or European Union.

WVO will be sold in the following quality classifications:

Q0 = Raw WVO with only the largest waste removed for pumping purposes.
Q1 = Filtered to approximately 800 micron.
Q2 = Filtered to approximately 800 micron and dewatered.
Q3 = Filtered to approximately 600 micron and dewatered.
Q4 = Filtered to approximately 50 micron and dewatered.
Q5 = Filtered to approximately 30 micron and dewatered.
Q6 = Filtered to approximately 10 micron and dewatered.
Q7 = filtered to approximately 1 micron and dewatered.
QC = WVO filtered to customers specifications within capabilities.

6000 gallon minimum exportation order. Prices fluctuate based on shipping costs. If you provide/pay shipping we will guarantee a consistent ‘per-gallon’ price based on the Q#.

For more information or to request a quote for standard or custom filtration email: info@intelifuel.com

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