I have a 2004 2500 dodge 5.9L im looking to run biodesel in it i would like to no any and all mods if needed to run my truck on biodiesel also i live in the midwest it gets cold here in the winter should i be scared to run this in my truck.


I ran pure biodiesel in my

I ran pure biodiesel in my 5.9 Dodge 1998. In El Paso, TX of course. If you are buying biodiesel form an outside sourse ask how many microns they filter down to. If you filter down to 1/2 a micron at 80deg f, it will have a lower freeze temp down to about 17deg f.

Ebay sometimes sells fuel line heaters for engines, 12V. Simply place it before the fuel filter, you should have a tank heater as well as to even regular diesel can gell. For extreme cold temps run at 5% biodiesel and test 10%. I had an 8,000 lb flat bed and got very good miles on it.

Sal Lightbourn

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