SVO and WVO sources in Edmonton

My name is Tabitha, and I am an Adult Services Librarian with St. Albert Public Library. Recently, I had a patron who is new to the city inquire about being able to find used vegetable or canola oil to use as an alternative fuel source within the Edmonton area. I am writing you in hopes that you will be able to give me some options that I can then pass on to him.
Thank you,
Tabitha Nordby
Adult Services Librarian
St. Albert Public Library

look to small resturants, new

look to small resturants, new resturants, and bars. i have had mostly good luck at mexican resturants. i use diferent color buckets or barrels one for oil and one for grease. once they get use to the system it works great. they use the fry grease to make shells and some frozen foods it is usally canola and low in fat/acid. good luck. reliable resource recovery. free oil pick up in wisconsin. 920-205-6071

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