WVO in cold climate


We live in Northern MN where it is below freezing for half the year and winter temps are brutally cold. I was under the impression that WVO would not work in this climate, but a friend said it does as long as the engine is started and preheated with regular diesel...who is right?

A two tank system like the

A two tank system like the one greasecar.com sells - there may be others as well - works quite well in cold weather. A one tank system is definitely out. That said, you may end up running the car on WVO very little when it is cold, as the grease needs to get up to 70-80 degrees to be usable. A grease temp gauge is obviously useful as is an inline heating add-on like the Vege-therm.

I live in MN I run when its

I live in MN I run when its 54 below. I have my own system with a hot box in the tank heat exchanger before filter and a water heated filter that i am selling on ebay right now look under svo heated filter in auto parts. Mine is the one with the most surface area

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