Standpipe or other filter / dewater setup

Hey Guys I am new to all this and want to be sure that I do everything the right way. I have a 93 f250 7.3 non turbo. I bought it already converted.

I have been planning on building a 2 barrel standpipe filter/ dewater setup. Using water heater elements and heating the first barrel to 180, letting it settle for a week. Then pumping into 2nd barrel. Heating that to about 90 and pumping through a filter. Sound ok so far??

Another issue I have is that I don't have a heated area to set up my stuff so I will be using an unheated shed. I have concerns about the oil being being to cool during the winter months to pump from #1 to #2 ??

If this is an issue are there any solutions? is there a better option for me as far as a setup without a heated area to work?

I really appreciate the input and help.


I have been told by a friend

I have been told by a friend that runs wvo that what he does is to heat the oil to 180 degrees, and try to kep it there for several hours.Let it cool and if you have a drain in the bottom of the barrel drain off any water. If not just let it settle. Some times he heats the oil several times and keeeps the teemp up there as stated for a number of hours. Then he filters the oil at about 100 degrees through a 5 micron filter. Winter cold, jus try and see what happens.

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