Converting 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel to SVO or biodiesel

I would like to get a definitive answer as to whether or not I can convert my 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 cummins diesel to SVO or biodiesel ( if necessary - but that's harder to make). I don't know much about the configuration of the engine but something makes me think that this is a fuel injected "rail" system of some sort. You guys would know better than me. ANyway, I have heard by some that you can do SVO and some that say you can't. I think I have heard that with my type of engine, it can get gunked up and kill it. Can you tell me if I can do SVO and whether it's worth it to do a conversion kit? Also, can you tell me any pitfalls to avoid, etc.

Thanks for your help !

N. Wetmore
New York

You can definitely run

You can definitely run biodiesel, but running WVO would probably not be worth it. Especially if it does have the common rail injection. That is not to say that it is not possible, but again I am just saying that it is probably not worth it. Go for biodiesel, you can run that in any diesel you want as long as it has viton (or something similar) fuel hoses, with no other conversion needed.

Just my opinion.


I mean that the common rail

I mean that the common rail can handle the biodiesel, but not the VO as easily. This, I believe, is because of the viscosity of VO. Biodiesel has a very similar viscosity to diesel, which is why it does not have to be heated for use in a diesel engine. Even with heating the VO it will never get to the same viscosity of petro-diesel, although it does get reasonably close. Generally common rail is a much more advance fuel injection system compared to the inline pumps on older diesels, and thus making it less tolerant to higher viscosity fuels.

Should not be a problem

I did some research prior to purchasing an '03 dodge ram with the same engine as your '04. All indications from experienced people and installers is that these engines convert very well. It was the older fuel delivery system in the 98.5 to 2002 dodge rams which had many problems with the lift pump (with regular diesel and bio). These year trucks are not recomended for bio-diesel or SVO or WVO. I own a couple restaurants and have full intentions of converting my truck a.s.a.p. and firltering my fryer oil and burnning it in my dodge. Good Luck! Dan


I have a 2004 dodge 3500 that I have been running on svo since Aug. 2006 about 17,000 miles on svo I have no problems with this and it runs great. You should check your lift pump all 2003 and half of the 2004 had the lift pump mounted on the fuel filter under hood. Go to a dealer and they will change this to the diesel tank at no charge (recall).I had mine changed and the svo does not run threw the stock lift pump.The kit has it own external pump for the svo kit so you dont need it in line with the svo.I WISH WOULD HAVE DONE THIS CONVERSION SEVERAL YEARS AGO. YOU WILL LOVE IT THE KEY IS CLEAN THE OIL THREW A GOOD FILTRATION SYSTEM THEN PUMP IT IN YOUR TANK THIS WILL KEEP YOU FROM CHANGING THE ONBOARD FILTERS AS OFTEN.

Lift pump

I have a 2004 also that has over 13K on WVO with no problems. What kind of lift pump for the veg oil do you use?


I'm running into the same problem. These guys are too busy to convert my '03 Ram 2500. Frybrid was supposed to come out with a new system designed speceifically for '03 and new rams a month agao. Still not availible and proably a month long wait when it is availible. Dan

2004 Dodge

I just bought an 04 Dodge 2500 and am working on (reasearching) conversion for WVO. I talked to the guys at greasecar and they just finished a kit for the new trucks, thye are just working on the insturction manuel and it should be out in the next couple of weeks. What I was told from one of their installers is that the fuel line needs to be bigger than what is being used currently and should be at least 3/8" instead of the standard 1/4". I have not started working on my truck yet though. I'm looking at parting it all out and getting a custom tank made. Any suggestions or advice from someone who has "been there, done that" to the same truk?

Old Thread, nay help great...

I am just getting into diesel trucks and am very curious about Bio-Diesel. I have been looking for a 1998-2002 Dodge Ram but after reading this article it has me curious about the lift pump. Can you move the lift pump back to the tank on a 1998-2002 as someone state is now common on 2004.5 and newer?



Yes but you don't want to.

Yes but you don't want to. The pump in the tank is garbage get a good aftermarket and put it on the frame. With the intank pump forget about doing bio diesel or WVO. On the 2004 and newer you really need to pull the fuel pump prior on running alternate fuel. OF course you can do like me and replace several in tanks before you figure it out


hi there just put a elect

hi there just put a elect pump on it if you have a problem. put it in the fuel line the sucksion line that will pump fuel to the old lift pump . dont take the old pump off just leaf it on . it will work better than the orginal pump boosting fuel preesure and the motor will run better tip in your power from the sioloind. by the high presuser pump. promblem fix. thats what i did and the truck runs great again . i got 440,000 miles on it.

fuel pump 2004 dodge

I recently had to replace my fuel pump. I was told by the dealer that that particular pump had a bad design and would go bad for some reason ( probably overheats)since it was mounted in the engine compartment. I then said well it should be a recall item but they insisted it wasnt. I spent $1100.00 for a "retro fit kit" they said was my only choice, to get it mounted into the tank. Can anyone give my more info on these fuel pumps and tell me if there is a recall? Maybe I can get my money back. Oh yea, by the way I am running on wvo myself and It runs great.

Hi My name is Hadar, I have


My name is Hadar, I have 2004 Dodge Ram 2500,
and evry year,on December my fuel pump is not
working good, and I need to repair.
I am going to do some tests on my fuel pump in the tank.
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I have the truck from 2004.
I am very good to give information on Dodge Ram 2500.
If you have any question send me an e-mail.
My e-mail:

03 conversion

I would like to convert 03 dodge Ram 2500 over to biodiesel. What do i need to get to convert or can it even be done.

bio - no conversion. WVO -

bio - no conversion. WVO - but they are still in the 80-90% complete range. I put on the full system and there are still some bugs. Get a 15 gal tank and put it in a truck box and insulate it since heat is your friend with wvo. The truck runs quieter and smoother, but probably around a 15% loss of power. Consider that my cost per gallon went from 4.50 to ZERO i can live with that power loss.

I have a 2001 24 valve put

I have a 2001 24 valve put an airdog on. Airtex also makes a replacement pump that will go in place of the stock one. Although most recommend like cummins to move the lift pump away from the block,

Holley and other pumps can also be used with a regulator to keep the pressure down. Unfortunately the VP44 your and my injection pump likes at least 10 pounds of pressure but not more than 20


I am building a 1949 Dodge

I am building a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon with a Cummins Diesel, Common Rail motor (2004 5.9L), and am trying to figure out how to build the fuel system to be WVO capable when I am done. Do I use the In-Tank pump out of a 2004 Dodge? Or can I use an external pump? What hoses and fittings do I need in my tank? What thread sizes, etc...? Since I am fabricating from scratch, I can build it anyway I want. Whats the right way to build it? Thanks. Gene

Just started running bio

Just started running bio and...
I drained my fuel filter of water the other day and then after, when I went to start it, it started briefly then it just died. I had revved the engine a little bit then it ran rough and dead. Now it won't catch, start at all.
All I did was drain the water from the filter, down the tube.

I've been running bio 50/50 for about 1.5k mi on the original filter. I'm thinking the filter's gotta go. Any thoughts?
(Also checked the air filter, but it was fine)

1994 Dodge 2500, 5.9L Diesel

Whatever you do I'd avoid

Whatever you do I'd avoid Golden Fuel Systems, I've had two of their systems fail on me and the customer service is non-existent. You can run waste vegetable oil in all these diesels but you're likely to run into some problems in even the best diesels and you're likely going to need some support in addressing those problems, you won't get it from Golden Fuel. I personally recommend, their systems don't take the shortcuts of the GFS system, they don't seem to fail, and they have customer support.

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I am a complete newbie, I

I am a complete newbie, I need a 3/4-1ton truck for my business, so I figured I'd get a diesel and convert to svo after the warranty period. I almost bought a 2008 Ford F350 for this purpose but I was just told that the injectors on the new diesels get clogged too easily. I just want to get a truck that will be fairly easy to diagnose & hopefully not have a huge amount of repairs.

I was told not to buy a new truck but I don't want one with 200,000 miles either. Suggested either a Dodge 03-07 (w/ cummins 5.9L), Ford 99-03(w/ powerstroke 7.3L).

I am in Northern CA and have been in contact with Rover Hybrids, anyone know any other systems & installers up here?

my names Aidan email me: doggydetail@gmail

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