Does KFC Allow WVO Pickup?

Can anyone say if you can drive up to KFC or any other chain / fast food restaurants and pump out their waste oil?

Some McDonalds may make

Some McDonalds may make biodiesel with their oil. I know for a certainty that most don't. KFC re-uses their oil over and over so there's not much volume there per month, although in some locations, you can get........some. McDonald's by far produces the most oil. Depending on location, up to, 200 to 300 gallons per month. I know 'cause I pick it up at some locations.

That is not passable since

That is not passable since the FFA would be way too high after the first time of use and the USDA would make a stink about it. All their oil must be changed after a certain amount of use.

No. The collection company

No. The collection company that's contracted with KFC to collect that grease can have you arrested if you are caught. Even though you are on KFC's (or any other restaurant's) property, once the WVO has been placed in the container it's the property of the collection company. I almost happened to me :-).

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