What to do with WVO?

Hello everyone.. I am in need of help. I am in eastern NC and own a septic pumping business. I have recently been asked by a couple of resturants about collecting there oil. My question is this.. is it worth the trouble.. can I sell it if I filter down to 5 microns/ gravity, or is there alot of other work that I don't know about.. Any info that anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Charles Banks

Yes you can sell it off to

Yes you can sell it off to companies most likely in 6,000 gallon loads after it has been settled, dewatered, and filtered. There is alot more to it that just collecting and selling it off. I would suggest finding a company that just collect WVO and visit their facility to see what it takes to make a profit in this business. Large up front cost for storage, centrifuge (if you choose to use one), etc., etc..

i can make your life a little

i can make your life a little easier by buying your "lightly processed" used cooking oil if you can rough screen it and pump off the top so i can pump it onto 6000 gallon tankers.


pagreaser123.com I live in

I live in South Carolina and am interested in collecting and selling used cooking oil. Could you provide instructions on how to lightly process and other methods to make it salable for bio-fuel production.
Hope to hear from you asap...funchesslady@aol.com
Thanks and blessings to you!

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