wvo blending, one truck runs great, one does not

I have a 2002 f350 that I blend wvo and diesel and have never had any problems yet. I also have a 2004 f250 that I have tried a lighter blend and have had problems everytime.
My question is, does anyone know what might be the difference why one works well, and the other does not. I know they are different engines and many other things must be different also.
Next question is, where do I look first in getting my 04 running well again. I'm ok with running this one diesel only, but right now it won't start. I do not think the fuel pump is actually pumping fuel, but I hear it running when I first turn the key.
Is there also a fuel pump inside the tank, or just on the frame rail?
I drained the water/fuel separater, which was nasty looking and will change the filters when they arrive to me, but neither filter looked bad.
I started blending about a year or more ago. I since then stopped using the "secret" addative, I'd like some thoughts on whether the other two addatives should be eleminated also, which are gasoline and kerosine. should I just blend filtered wvo with my diesel?
I'm here to educate myself so no bashers please.

Hi Mike, did you get an

Hi Mike, did you get an answer to your question. We have had the excat same issue. the blended fuel works fine in older fords, but the new powerstrokes do not run on the fuel very well. We think that maybe the injectors are getting plugged quickly causing the stalling. That is about all I have in terms of info. Hopefully you have more.

BTW, keep kerosene in your fuel blend. It improves the viscosity and significantly lowers the gel-point.


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