1983 Mercedes not working, but thinking about fixing up

my mom has a 1983 Mercedes with about 125,000 mi in San Diego. it once ran well, but she stopped using it and now it's up on blocks. it's probably been 8 years. maybe a hugely vague question but how much do you think it would cost to get it up and running (no problems before, but probably everything rubber needs to be replaced)?

Why is it on blocks? Why did

Why is it on blocks? Why did she stop using it? Was the engine running? Transmission, clutch, brakes all okay when it was put to rest? We need more info to really give you a thought on fixup cost.

same ??? here...I run a 1983

same ??? here...I run a 1983 300D and since it is 26+ years old..with 170,000 miles there is a lot of maintenance to consider...change all the fluids/filters..check hoses and belts...tune up ( valve cover gasket ) valve adjustment...and then the secondary tank ( 4 a two tank system)...and either the available greasecar system or a homemade one as I have...I live in Florida so mine isn't insulated or heated,which is essential when considering going into cold climates...and most important a ready source of clean WVO....or the cost to have your own collections/filtering...it could turn into an investment...but that's the cost of alternative thinking...Willy Fuel is bio-diesel and other statins offer it nationwide. best of all driving

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