conversion problems

I have a 2006 Isuzu npr and a 94 dodge cummins
the isuzu ran for about 6monts on VO untill now it will not run diesel lose of power can olnly get up to 50mileles per hr then loses power I have done evrything from new fuel fileter to craking the injeter lines had two diesel mechs look at it .....I have just taken off the conversion and will bring it ti isuzu

Truck #2 94 dodge ram been running VO for 2mothns aand I am having problems with air inthe lines and now some water antifreeze I am very fustrated and it is taking upm to much of my time.

The conversions were done by a guy who uses all clamps, hoses and filters and copoer tubing from home depot and northern tool and body experience this any help would be great

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