LoveCraft Conversion Kit

What do you think of LoveCraft kits?

I have been on the forum taking a lot of heat even mentioning them but there are a few cars I'm interested in that are single tank LoveCraft converted, with almost two years under the hood as a convert.

I've hear LoveCraft kits eventually kill your car and crooked business at LoveCraft.

Any opinions would be great! I just want to get another view, a third person you might say.

Lovecraft Conversion

I bought a Lovecraft system for my Ford, and it turned out to be a very costly and mentally eviscerating experience. I imagine their system functions fine in warm weather, but they also beleive that their sans-heated-tank system is equally functional in cold weather - they assured me of this to direct questions before I bought the dang thing - and - though this is basic science (gel point of soy oil=33degrees, gelled fuel in fuel line equals no fuel to engine) Unfortunately i'm the kind of dummy that had to learn the hard way.

All of that would be fine and dandy - a bit of 'unclear' information (giving them the benefit of the doubt) a lack of research on my part. But then came telling the Lovecraft about the issue I'd had...

It was a freaking nightmare. Suffice to say that in my opinion, they are far, far more insterested in the image of their product than the actual functionality.

Class action, anyone?

Cheap man pays twice

Lovecrap conversions are fine cars "predestroyed" by that piss poor system. Sure some people have been running "Two years" , but some people have been running on bald tires for two years also.

If you can do it right-why would you want to do it wrong(Lovecraft)

I live in Charlestown W.Va

I live in Charlestown W.Va and for 3 years prudently ran a singletank modified lovecraft system. One Morning forgot to plug in car -2F Warmed glow plugs 3 times along with injector line heaters started ran 90 mile to work.I do mix kerosene and some rug in winter. But it will work Mercedes allows a 30% mix with regular unleaded from the factory. With any diesel you have to be prudent in cold weather.Not a sales pitch but in 5 yrs.4000mile average a month over 250.000 mile singletank veg.before it was totaled in a car accident.

hi i just bought a 1982

i just bought a 1982 Mercedes Benz Diesel with the intention to convert to veggie oil.
i live in Santa Monica and am looking for a place that does conversions locally.
i had heard of Lovecraft a few years back and was going to go to them until now. Since i bought car i've found out very negative things about Lovecraft and won't be going there to convert.
so now where??!! if there's anything you can share, a referral of somewhere great, i would soooo appreciate it!!
thanks you!!

Lovecraft has worked well for me.

Interesting comments. Living and driving my Lovecraft converted MB 300D in LA, I cannot speak to the comments from the first reply, except to wonder why he has anyone to blame but himself for trying to use a one-tank system at or below freezing temps. Lovecraft may have misled him, I don't know, but any basic research will point out that this is a bad idea. And, when I asked Lovecraft directly about cold weather operation (before I purchased my kit in the fall of '07) they pointed out that this was a kit not to be used in temps below the 40s without a block heater or other auxiliary heater device.

LA can get down into the low 40s at night in the winter and I never had any cold start trouble with my conversion kit (I do have a block heater that I use).

As for the second reply, why the hatin'? This guy doesn't even mention any first-hand knowledge of the systems. It seems more like a rant to justify his expensive two-tank purchase.

Bottom line is, friends of mine and I run Lovecraft systems on our mercedes and have had no trouble. I meet people in LA all the time running WVO and many are LC systems. I cannot speak to LC conversions in other vehicles, but the MB conversions from Lovecraft work very well in warm weather. The big problem here is always WVO quality. Bad oil will ruin your day much more frequently than anything else.

Finally, just take all these anonymous postings with a grain of salt. Who knows everyone's angle on this board. If they offer clear concerns illustrated with first-hand examples (like the first guy), it's something to consider (I'm still not sure what his "nightmare" was, Was he trying to get a refund or just figure out his gelling troubles or what?). If, on the other hand, someone is just spouting vitriol with little-to-no coherent argument... well you get my point.

Happy vegging!

Love Craft Is A Joke

I have no hatred nor am I anonymous. The Lovecraft systems are just very poor in every way. He gets away with it because he is in a warm climate and most engines will take it long enough for his customers to drive away. However, few will ever make it back. Single tank systems don't work. The only exception is Elsbett for a selection of engines. Another point that can not be overlooked is that 300D Mercedes engine will probably run on butter without modification however, this doesn't mean that you are doing it any favors. The only thing I would buy from Lovecraft is a sticker or a tattoo.


If Lovecraft-why bother with a kit?

Lovecraft systems are soooo poor and badly done you are just as well pouring veggie directly into the diesel tank-saving your money for tow truck fees and injector pump/injector repair/replacement costs.

Lovecraft systems are not

Lovecraft systems are not better than Plantdrive or Elsbett. I didn't notice electric heat. I don't think they recommend increasing injector pressure. However I'd like to hear comments from DAN and his Ford truck. He got it converted two years ago. I wonder how his system is functioning now? I saw a Lovecraft Mercedes conversion & it was well done but I can't remember seeing electric heat help. However when I see a Mercedes covered in snow & saying it started with no help I don't believe it. Lawrence Rhodes still looking for more data on Lovecraft.

I've been running a Lovecraft

I've been running a Lovecraft kit in my '86 300SDL for 3 years in LA. Runs rough on cold (55ยบ) mornings. I add a cetane booster every time I fill up. I also warm up the engine for at least 5 minutes in the morning. Once a week I stomp on the accelerator while driving uphill on a freeway on ramp, and hold the engine between 3000 and 4000 rpm to blow the carbon out (anyone remember the "Italian tune-up?". The only problem I've had is when I drive faster than 80 mph for an hour or so, the hose connection to the heat exchanger overheats then leaks coolant for awhile after I stop as the car cools down.

I agree the system wouldn't work well anywhere the weather gets very cold. I'm not much of a mechanic, Lovecraft is a few miles down the road from me, the best price I could find for a 2-tank system installed at the time was $2000 (Lovecraft was $700 installed with a filtering setup), I live in a hot climate, and my car is only worth about $3500. It's not the system for everyone, but it works fine for me.

I have just had my lovecraft

I have just had my lovecraft system removed. It was okay for a year, but more and more i have been having problems with air in my fuel lines. My oil filter looks like it is holding champagne.

Since they are no longer in business, I cannot have them fix my car.

I am glad i didn't get a bumper sticker.

Hi, Please, I need the love


Please, I need the love craft fuel pump also.

Please let me know if you find out where to buy one.

Mine actually still works but I want one for my friends car. My pump has worked for years and works great!! and the generic ones don't seem to hold up in my friends car.

I also want a back up in case the one in my car goes bad.

please email me at if you find a source for these pumps.


I live in LA County and am

I live in LA County and am purchasing a 1981 Mercedes 300d from my brother. The car has been converted with a Lovecraft system. I will be driving it to the desert each day, so outside temp should not be a problem. My Brother insists that I can use any waste vegetable oil in the car after allowing it to settle and being filtered. Is this true? Which used vegetable oil is better?


I've got a brand new unopened

I've got a brand new unopened Lovecraft conversion kit for a 77-85 MB 300TD (maybe 300D, too?). I live rural and my potential source for local oil went away so I never did the conversion. I also have a set of new injector line heaters that were highly recommended by a friend who uses them. Let me know if interested.

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