Help Bring the VW T5 EUROVAN DIESEL to the US!!!

1-800-374-8389 !!Contact Today!! 1-800-374-8389

I just got off the phone with VWOA and I mentioned to the Volkswagen sales advocate about starting a petition to bring the T5 auto and 5 &6-speed to the US MARKET in 2007. She mentioned to me that the only thing we could do is have as many people contact this number 1-800-374-8389 and express interest in having the T5 Eurovan in the US. Be sure to mention your interest in the 5-speed model & 6-speed model w/ the TDI while on the phone, and spread the word about this post, the more contacts the better.

VW T5 Diesel Van Pics:

The difference is that a UK

The difference is that a UK Imperial gallon is bigger than a US gallon, an Imperial gallon is 153.7 US fluid oz, while a US gallon is 128 US fluid oz. That is why the mpgs are different


Boston, MA

I bough one these in

I bough one these in Guadalajara, Mexico for about 30,000 dollars. Great car. I love it. It does deliver around 30 mpg. Haven't had a problem with it. But it's kind of complicated to buy a Car in Mexico. Luckily I am a Mexican citizen because I was born in Puerto Vallarta when my parents were on vacation.

Rep: I bough one these

Rep: I bough one these in...

You bought a diesel T5 in Mexico? How did you got this van imported to the US and legally registered? Did you need to do any modification? I would be interested to learn more about your purchase..Thx

Since I am a Mexican citizen,

Since I am a Mexican citizen, I just have it registered down in Mexico, buy insurance for it down there and keep it up here. I've never had any problems with it. I move it every now and then and go across the border. There would be a whole lot of problems modifying it. It most certainly does NOT meet the emissions requirements. And I don't know about lateral impact. Most important of it all, the windows do not have the DOT approval number. I would say it is extremely hard and expensive. But again, the way I do it I haven't had any problems.
With Mexican plates and everything.

Hello: I little bit of

I little bit of history
I am a naturalized citizen national of Mexico.
Recently went to Mexico and fell in love with a 1975 VW Kombi and bought it.
I can drive it all I want around Mexico –that’s for sure- but we would like to drive it all the way to Idaho –where we reside.
Any suggestions?

I saw a blue T5 with normal

I saw a blue T5 with normal Arizona plates on the I-10 freeway headed south towards Tucson about 3 months ago (approx. August). Black matte bumpers, a 7-passenger model. How can this be? Geronimo of the Old Pueblo

I currently have a 2002

I currently have a 2002 Eurovan Weekender that's getting high in milage. I have been asking Volkswagon USA to bring the Eurovan T5 here. I've also expressed my opinion that Volkswagon has mis-read the US market with the nondescript generic Rutan. I will call the number that you have noted. If there are any other avenues to take to help the cause, pleae let me know.
Best Regards!

best Diesel Van ever Own the

best Diesel Van ever
Own the 2.5TDI with 174HP standard and 400NM at 2000rpm
Changed the chip, and now I get 215hp and 500NM at 2100rpm
0-60 in a little over 9 sec and max out at 132mph(not advisable)
going 80mph on highway i get about 30mpg
and city 25mpg

The most difficult problem

The most difficult problem with importing the T5 is meeting the requirements of the NHTSA. VoA wont say whether or not it has been tested for the US market. I would be very interested in knowing how one was imported from Mexico. Could I have the name of your importer?

It's not legally imported.

It's not legally imported. Its more like a tourist vehicle. Never had any problems though.. As long as you own the vehicle and has valid Mexican plates on it and the proper insurance. and you take it out of the country at least every 5 months. Obviously, holding a Mexican passport helps(as well as a Mexican address).. thanks mom and dad.. I can't be president but i can have a T5.. yeepee!

It seems to me that there is

It seems to me that there is clearly a market in the US for a TDI Eurovan weekender or camper. Not sure what the hang up is. If Volvo will let you come to Germany pick out your car, drive it while on vacation then drop it off, they ship it to the US for you taking care of all of the import issues...... Then why can't VW?
It seems like the future of car sales is this format especially for niche cars which people are willing to pay a premium, much like what Detroit is doing with the recent retro craze in muscle cars. TDI Jetta's are already here. BMW TDI's are here. And now Audi TDI's is on the way! This just can't be that complicated. Give the people what they want VW!

Being from Germany and living

Being from Germany and living in the US where there is no T5 available is a real pain. Here in the NW, people pay crazy amounts for a used T4 or T3 (e.g. syncro's). I find it very hard to believe that there is no market for a T5. The Routan surely is no match for a TDI Multivan. 3.8 litre engine with 197 HP sounds ancient when a 2.5 TDI can deliver better performance, not even mentioning the design and technology (read here for more: Strange that VW never brought the T5 to the US, or that there is somehow a way to do so by people who would love one. ( So, what about a T6 for the US?

Maybe we should boycott

Maybe we should boycott buying VW vehicles, until we get the T5 in the USA. This action will shortly hits VW pockets and pressure them to bring this vehicle here!!!

How does one even find out if

How does one even find out if it's possible to import a T5 California TDI Synchro from Germany to the US?! As a US citizen (civilian) currently living in Germany, I would like to buy this vehicle while here, with an eye on bringing it back to the States when I move back. But how to find out if it's possible before buying?! It seems a bit overwhelming!! I would be willing to go for the gas version if that made it easier, but I wonder if it's more than that... Any ideas?

I just called 1-800-374-8389

I just called 1-800-374-8389 as suggested and spoke to a very nice rep that wasn't aware of any Mexican option but said that people use import/export companies all the time to get vehicles. I will look into it but I expect I'll end up with a used T4 and if I'm lucky I might find a special extended one that is three feet longer like my friend has. I will post again if I discover anything very useful.

Here is a german guy with

Here is a german guy with news about the VW T5 the true is vw want to bring this vehikel (and more)to the American people but the us goverment make it hard to do this !! Wy?? It's political intressting! the own car companie is going bad and many people lose her job on this time is not good you make easy rules for import cars from europa.
I now from an export/import vw companie in USA this car here is a home run .there wait for green light to get this vehikle.
But I think it's a good way to call from time to time VW what's happent with the new T5 .
look at teh way from sturn astra this is an german opel astra I have no problems with an "chevrolet T5" (maybe saturn T5) good way if It's working.

Well, I live in the UK, had

Well, I live in the UK, had my VW T5 (known as the VW Caravelle when fitted as an MPV (minivan) here in the UK) for four years. 5cyl 2.5l (152Cub in) 170bhp, 300ft lbs, diesel and weighs 2.2T (2.4tons). It averages 35Imp mpg (29 US mpg). Above all it is fast, comfortable, and ideal long-distance cruiser. The T5 2010 is due for release shortly, the engine capacity is smaller, a four cylinder and yet more powerful and fuel efficient.

Here is the response I

Here is the response I received recently regarding importing the VW Transporter to the US.

"If VW did not import that vehicle with the same drive-train in those years it cannot be permanently imported at this time."

US Specs LLC
121 Northway Drive
Havre de Grace, MD. 21078
443-502-2331 phone
443-502-2331 fax

Do Not Trust Carl Brinegar

Do Not Trust Carl Brinegar from US Specs, I brought in a 1985 Mercedes L508D Camper two years ago and he said he could get it legalized, he did nothing for two years and now that the Vehicle is over 25 years old he said Customs wants the vehicle sent back, in the mean time he hits me with a bill for over $10,000 for his research and storage fees, I have found two other people he has done the same thing to. if you have any info about U.S Specs and Carl Brinegar please contact me Richard Reip, 917-306-4272, i would like to get as many people possible to talk to the Maryland Attorney General about this matter. Thank you

I am in Europe for a year.

I am in Europe for a year. Love the VW transporter T-5, but if I buy one I would want to have it in Central/S. America, where I plan to travel for a few months when work is finished over here.

How safe would you consider it would be shipping into a Mexico port, say Vera Cruz, or Tampico?

Great finding your site and

Great finding your site and dedication to the T5 for the USA. We recently found a 1991 Vanagon camper in fantastic condition for sale. We loved it but didn't buy it because with 2 young kids, we needed better, more up to date safety equipment. (It's still for sale) So then we called and emailed VW about the T5. The call was fruitless, but the email back and forth did suggest the importer idea (although VW was strong in it's warning about not providing repair for a T5). Doesn't appear VW has any thoughts to bring in the T5. Which is too bad. Even Ford is now bringing in the Transit Connect (albeit not the diesel). Too bad the TC is a bit too small. We'll probably end up with a Sienna because we need something. But I agree, VW really missed the boat (literally) on the T5 in the USA. Even my local VW dealers lament.

This is going to make

This is going to make somebody really happy. Look at Item number 260484647840 on ebay. It is a 2000 2.5 TDI Eurovan imported from Germany. I would have bought it myself but since it is a grey market vehicle I would never be able to register it in Canada. Still hoping to see one North of border...

I can't understand why/how VW

I can't understand why/how VW imports the Touareg TDI (meeting USA emissions and safty regulations) in such a competitive SUV market and not the T5. The R&D costs for the TDI that meets USA emissions has been invested so why not use the same emissions technology on a different chassis such as the T5. Coming from a marketing point of view, I would guess the market share for a Touareg vs other SUVs would be much less than a T5 TDI or VR6 in its class. My guess must be wrong.

The primary problem I have

The primary problem I have seen about importing the T5 for VW is that the US classifies it as a truck and applies a 25% tarriff, not a typo, 25%.. cars and motorcycles are subject to 2.5% tarriff.

the tarriff was a penalty for europe putting a tarriff on US imports back in the 1960's. this is a political throwback all the way to 1962. now it is justified to protect the big 3 truck makers in US.

These politics can be fixed at a congressional level so tell the congress to fix it.

I want a VW Cargo van more

I want a VW Cargo van more than anything..............but good to hear our government protects some things. Went to India, if not made there, 100% tariff. Yet India throws all thier crap here easy as anything.

found this is how Ford gets

found this is how Ford gets around tariff on Transit Connects:

To circumvent the 25% tariff on imported light trucks (known as the 1964 Chicken tax), Ford imports all Transit Connects as passenger vehicles with rear windows, rear seats and rear seatbelts.[11] The vehicles are exported from Turkey on cargo ships owned by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, arrive in Baltimore, and are converted into commercial vehicles at WWL Vehicle Services Americas Inc. facility: rear windows are replaced with metal panels and rear seats removed.[11] The removed parts are then recycled.[11] The process exploits a loophole in the customs definition of a commercial vehicle. As cargo doesn't need seats with seat belts or rear windows, presence of those items exempts the vehicle from commercial vehicle status. The process costs Ford only hundreds of dollars per van, but saves thousands.[11]

VW should do the same damned thing.... maybe they are just too lazy.

Exchange rate. lack of

Exchange rate.
lack of demand.

The EuroVan went out with a bang (highest sales in years as it ended in 2003). How many did they sell in the US? How about 6,000–8,500 units.

Volkswagen is starving the

Volkswagen is starving the North American market- feels like it to me- you can get one in Australia, Mexico, South America, Europe, and U.K. But not in North America....why Volkswagen??

Ironic to call the T5,

Ironic to call the T5, California and not even sell it here in the US. With baby boomers looking for cheaper options, it would be a no brainer. Us in our 40's would love to have one....

I recently learned about the

I recently learned about the VW Transporter, and am trying to figure out how to buy a used one. I understand it is a commercial van in Europe. My research so far says that it is not sod in the US or Canada due to the Chicken Tax law, which someone previously posted about. This has to do with Germany not allowing US chicken to be imported into Germany years ago.. The US retaliated, and
put a 25% tax on light trucks from (Germany?). I assume that the United Auto Workers had this finagled into law, thus why both Canada and the US has the Transporter under this tax.

I understand that Volkswagen sells the Transporter in Mexico under the Eurovan label. But, is this a commercial vehicle or a passenger vehicle?

I want to use a trasporter for businesss to save on gas. I assume I would have to buy at least two, one to use for parts, and learn to fix it.

I wonder whether I could bring a vehicle like this from Mexico to the US under my ownership or my corporations ownership? Would it simply mean having to pay a pro-rated tax (depreciated) on the used vehicle? Or, would I need to have a Mexican citizen own it and lease it to me or my company. Could I get commercial insurance on the vehicle?

Where can I see a picture of used Transporter commercial vans? What engine types do they come in in Europe and Mexico? 4 cyinder, 6 cylinder?

I have a lot of questions, and would love to talk to someone about it.

Hi, I am a very happy owner


I am a very happy owner of a T5 camper here in the UK. Im about to marry a US girl and thinking of moving to the US with her. The problem is that I want to bring my T5 with me. Im guessing from one of the posts that there is no way I can import it. Is that true? Where can I find that out? Would it not meet the emissions requirements (I find it hard to believe that I would not be allowed to drive my small engine, TDI van around when there are loads of trucks on the road in the US with V8s) Who do I talk to before I sell it and what could I find in the US that could replace it?


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