'93 GMC Sierra 6.5l Turbo Diesel Pickup Truck w/ Greasecar SVO System

hello! our truck is no longer starting, and we are being told by the mechanic in coalinga, california (near fresno) that it needs the injection pump replaced. it just had a whole lot of work done, including: new starter, new lift pump, new fuel lines beneath manifold (new gaskets), and a pair of new batteries (and two tires in decent shape just put on a few days ago). the body has about 236,000 miles on it, but the engine & transmission were replaced at 100,000. the truck has an upgraded Voyager trailer breaking system, as well as a Greasecar vegetable oil setup w/ 40 gallon heated tank installed. we are asking $1900 OR BEST OFFER. the body has dents and needs a cleaning. it has a topper w/ temporary wooden door replacement, and the bed and exterior of the grease tank need to be cleaned of all the veg oil debris that has accumulated back there. the whole thing needs a good cleaning (inside and out). it leaks some motor oil, and requires a new dipstick (still has the old one, but the handle broke off). just yesterday the passenger window stopped rolling down.

please email wildmarsu at peacemail dotcom or call 805-794-8201 for more info, or to ask any questions. this rig could be a cheap investment for someone who wants to run veggie oil and who has a pump on hand that they'd want to install themselves. we've traveled all over the country pulling our travel trailer with this truck, and are now getting picked up and pulled back down the coast in one or two days, so please do get in touch IMMEDIATELY, if you'd like to look at it while we're still up here. otherwise, we'll have to work something else out.

please let us know RIGHT AWAY if you have interest in the truck, or just want some parts (including taking out the greasecar kit - we are open minded about parting out), and email or call with BEST OFFER. thanks!

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