WVO Mechanic in Austin, TX?

Does anyone do wvo conversions in Austin, TX?


I do, give me a call at 1 512 496 1429 and we can talk about what you need. I drive a wvo 81 240d, and am currently converting a 7.3 liter international bus for a customer. I assemble kits myself using frybrid valves and flat plate heat exchangers, and build the rest, usually costs less in parts and is of the highest quality components out there at the moment.
-Andy, HSC

hola i live in spain and i

hola i live in spain and i go to austin next week ... id like to know about this veggie conversions ,buy the parts there to build it in my TDI VW van in spain .. can you help me ? i will give you a call also when im there ...
thanks Andy

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