92 7.3 diesel conversion

I have a 92 Ford E350 passenger van with the 7.3 idi non turbo non powerstroke motor in it and currently running a single tank conversion with a mix of differents fuels.

My current conversion uses a 12v heated racor filter, one of those coolant/12volt heated blocks and a booster pump from autozone.

I am having issues with this motor's oil pressure dropping off when I am running the grease mix in it and am wondering if it would make sense to just convert it to a 2 tank system and be done with it. I would only need a pollack valve and something like a vegtherm. here is my question though.

On that motor if I wanted to install a Fass pump and a bigger filter for the diesel side how do you bypass the factory filter and pump. It would appear the way the filter and and injectors are connected this is not possible. I would like to see if anyone has a way to allow only diesel to be filtered in the diesel filter and VO in the VO filter. With the current system the VO will always have to go through the diesel side.

Diagram of what it looks like....

Tank ====> Racor Heated ====> heating block ====> Aux pump ====> Factory fuel filter ==== > IP ====> injectors.

Ultimately I want something like this.

WVO tank ====> Racor filter ===> Heating block ====> aux pump ====> IP ===> injectors.

Diesel side ===> normal.

The other questions is if the factory mechanical fuel pump is sufficient for moving the grease from the back of the van to the motor? I am planning on using HIH for the fuel so it should make it easy to move once it heats up.

Any input would be appreciated.

I have convert a 91 dodge cummins to 2 tank and love the hell out of it, so this isn't my first time.

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