Unfiltered oil accidentally put in tank

I filter our waste veggie oil at the restaurant I work in. I use a gravity system and separate containers for dirty oil from the fryer and distinct, 5 gallon plastic containers for my clean, filtered oil. Unfortunately, one of my co-workers did not understand this and unfiltered oil was put into one of the containers normally reserved for clean oil. I then put 5 gallons of this dirty oil in my tank.
We change our oil frequently at the restaurant I work at, so the dirty oil did not look or smell markedly different.
My car just stopped running yesterday while I was driving it and I quickly realized what had happened. What should I do now? Pump the oil out of my tank? Change the fuel filter? Do I need to do anything else?
I have a 85 MBZ 300 turbo with a single tank conversion..

I was talking yesterday with

I was talking yesterday with a mercedes wiz. He has about a half dozen of them (all working!) and does all the work on them himself. He barely filters his oil and has been running off WVO for four years without a problem. Go fig. He said that if his car loses power, 9 times out of ten it's the prefilter. He takes it out and either blows it out or pops in a new one. He rigged his prefilter so that it is easily accessible and buys them from autohaus for $1.50 a pop. I'm sure his filter and prefilter get clogged much faster than those who filter their oil very diligently. Any way, all of that is to say that you might want to invest in a couple filters and prefilters, cause I'm sure they are jammed up. As for what's in the tank, I can't help you.

Best of luck. -Alec

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