grumman kubvan

Saw one of these things the other day and it looked like a box truck with vw parts. I here all this stuff only 500 made only 100 left running. This guy has one. looks to run good needs tires and brakes. Every thing elese is good. I bought it for 3000.00. Was it worth it? I have only seen 0ne other one on the road. Thanks chris

Re grumman kubvan

3000 is a pretty good pricefor a diesel grumman van they are tough, i owe a similar model 12 feet gmc fcc (like the fed ex trucks) feet truck its a ex- city truck i paid 2400 but had a lot of repairs to do on it i made it into a camper and i'm about to put it to run on vegetable oil... good luck on your project

Grumman kubvan, kurbside, kurbvan, olsonette Master

I have had a ton a cool email from people from this post who want to get info on their odd Grumman vans. Keep them coming I have found a kurbside Jr and a few kubvans and a kurbside, any olsonettes or kurbvans out there? I collect these for no particular reason and have a ton of information on the bodies for repair of conversion.
Love the photos, keep them coming and I'll send you pict in kind. Thanks

Hey!!! Just bought my first

Just bought my first Kubvan Diesel,standard tranny,& only,get this,ONLY 6687 original miles!!!...$1500.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...bought it off my brother inlaw today...he had it out in his barn for years!!!...

Grumman Kubvan

I worked for Grumman Olson in Tulare, California for 25 years and own a 1983 Kubvan with VW Rabbit Diesel running gear. It still runs!!

I have a 1984 kubvan vwdiesel

I have a 1984 kubvan vwdiesel i called grumman olson the told me they did not make them till1985 and on gm frames. I also called utillimaster who also made the mail trucks they made them on ford frames. Did vw make this and not win the contract.? I am also looking for info on the electrical wiring. I just changed the automatic trany in mine and going through it to get it on the road this summer and run it on waist oil. Any info would help thank you Rod.

Hi, I worked for Grumman

Hi, I worked for Grumman Olson in Sturgis, MI in the tooling department. My nickname was Layout Larry. Do you know me?

I also have a kubvan. They are alot of fun. I think I would like to find an old olsonette. Do you know Greg Montgomery who worked at Tulare?

Would you please email me at

I own a 1984 kubvan (ex

I own a 1984 kubvan (ex Canada Post) with the rabbit 1.6 diesel. Can anyone tell me what they get for top highway speed. Mine reaches for 90km/hr and the engine temp goes over 130F. Thank you!

I just bought the same Kubvan

I just bought the same Kubvan today!!!...It has 6687 original miles on it,it has a standard tranny,and of course the V-DUB Diesel engine.
I paid $1500.00 CDN. Too much???...Ya think?!?!?

grumman van

There is a lot of them around for sale but the diesel ones are usually pretty expensive, Dont give up i looked for mine for about a year before i found it ...and for a good price too dont give up

I bought a 1984 Grumman van

I bought a 1984 Grumman van with a Ford chassis and an Isuzu six cylinder diesel. It has an aluminum body and used to be a Hostest bakery delivery truck. It has a four speed Borg Warner manual transmission and appears to have a high ratio differential (maybe 5 something or so ratio) which limits the highway top speed to 55 to 60 MPH.

Question, are there any other differential ratios available for this type of Ford chassis that could give it a 70 MPH highway speed. It runs right up to 55 MPH and then slowly peaks out at about 60 MPH. It acts like there is a govenor on the engine. There is some sort of an electric speed controller under the hood, but it appears to be completely disconnected. The maximum rated engine RPM's is a limiting factor for the highway speed.

I am converting it into a mini class "A" motorhome and so it won't be heavily loaded at any time. I have also heard that there is a five speed manual transmission available, but I don't know if this is just five speeds, or if it an overdrive transmission. In short I don't know very much about this van, but the engine runs fine and with a few mechanical repairs like front end alignment, it should make me a fine motor home for week end events.

Hi I am looking to buy one

I am looking to buy one of the smaller gruman postal vans and install a wheel chair lift in the rear for my son, they are the perfect size for a handicap family of three but very hard to find. Any one with any info and or pictures please contact me, I am in Chalk River Ontario Canada,
Thanks very much

I have an 83 Grumman Kubvan.

I have an 83 Grumman Kubvan. Don't know a lot about them. It has a 4 cylinder diesel engine and a 4 speed manual transmission. The frame and body is all aluminium. It has 152000 miles. It is in great condition. It runs and drives great. All the brakes and lines have been gone through and all work great. I am looking to sell it. Anyone interested email or call 260-525-0266. I can get some pics

help cant find part numbers

help cant find part numbers or parts-- need to know what vehicle kubvan brake parts are sourced from... pads and calipers for the front.
rear is another problem, 200 mm dasher brake shoes i am told. but not able to locate any rear suspension parts like rear springs was told of a guy that put cut down volvo 740 springs in his dasher and it was an improvement over stock springs.. but i cant get a part number on those either...

clutch cable anyone??--- ive seen conduit and garage door cable to "make it work", but i was hoping for something a little better than that.

Hey... Why not go to your

Why not go to your local Volkswagen dealership for all you front end
needs...that's engine,transmission,brakes,cables,suspension,etc.,etc. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!!

I have a 1984 Grumman Olsen,

I have a 1984 Grumman Olsen, Kubvan for sale. Grumman made 500 of these sweet little cars for the United States Post Office as a test vehicle. USPS didn't buy, so they were all sold. This is a pretty rare Grumman and it's in excellent condition. I would recommenced that you have some knowledge of Grummans and Volkswagen's because although it's in great shape this is the type of vehicle that you may need to tinker with. I bought the vehicle three years ago and we have gone straight through it. It has been worked on by my father who has been doing body work for 30+ years and two diesel mechanics that have been in business for many years as well. It is located in upstate NY, near Albany. This vehicle can be picked up or delivered/shipped at your cost. Please email me with any questions. Price $6,000 obo

Info on 1984 Grumman Kubvan:

4 cylinder automatic engine
Diesel fuel
Left-Hand drive
Push button ignition
Aluminum body
New paint(white outside/teal inside)
All lights work
Good brakes
Tires are good/Audi wheels
Interior in good shape
New black carpet
Very nice bench seat/came out of MiniVan
3 seat belts
Both side doors slide and lock open(really fun in the summer)
Has a radio/cassette player, works but I don't think it was ever hooked up to the antenna
All glass in good shape
Back of vehicle has lots of room about 5ft in length
Great fuel mileage/Could be converted to veggie
Replaced engine summer 2009 with a Volkswagen Jetta with about 80,000 miles on it
Body has about 100,000 miles on it
Exhaust could use a little work, it's a diesel so it's smelly





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