PlantDrivenā„¢ PD1 (looks like VO controller)

Has anyone heard or used one of these? Looks very similar to a VO controller, and I saw this on ebay. Are these re-badged VO's?

I'm thinking I should just spend the extra money on a VO or Co-pilot.


I am using the PD1. It is

I am using the PD1. It is pretty good. It is not a rebadged VO and the parameters are a bit different. It took me about a week to get the unit after I paid from ebay. Less expensive than VO and a co-pilot. Too bad that it doesn't have the turbo timer shutdown function thing like VO but it works pretty well.

Heard directly from the the

Heard directly from the the seller that they are releasing a new version called "PD1i" which will have the after run feature/turbo cooler & was told it would be available in March of 09! Thank God... I could never afford the VO & Co-Pilot... they both cost as much or more than my trucks entire wvo setup!

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