looking for someone to take my trap grease 55000 gals per month north and south ca

trying to find someone to take my trap

55000 gals per month of trap grease

Dear Whomever,

What is the source and condition of your trap grease? What do you want for it, from it, with it?

I am interested in your waste but I do need tremendously more information. Basically I am looking for the 5 W's. (who, when, where, why, what, etc.)

Please give me a shout at 256 658 7213 OR GPaHauck@yahoo.com

Thanks for your response.

Lee Hauck


If it is still available I am interested in taking your grease. Have a use for 50,000 gallons.

Grease Trap Yield

I have made some great connections and wondering what the pay is for straight grease trap content.

No dewatering or dewatered prices.

Dont want spam so if you do post here. I will contact you. Since there is no contact form here.

I also have a forum starting http://www.greasesupply.com so bookmark it will be ready in 30 days or less.


Waste Vegetable Oil: $2.00

Waste Vegetable Oil: $2.00 per gallon
Available: Estimate 2,000 gallons per week

--filtered to 10 microns: $2.00 per gallon
--filtered to 02 microns: $2.50 per gallon

Bring your own 50 gallon drum or 275 gallon, or we'll deliver to a 50 gallon drum or a 275 gallon tote.

Delivery Charge from Huntersville (mileage charge):

--Less than 35 miles: $1.50 per mile
--More than 35 miles: 275 gallon minimum plus mileage.

Need your WVO filtered?
--$1.00 per gallon plus filters and mileage charges.
--275 gallon minimum

Cash only.

Call 704-728-8414

I am based in Winston Salem.

I am based in Winston Salem. I have centrifuged WVO for sale. I have about 2,000 gallons per month. I charge 1.65 per gallon, plus small fee for delivery. Let me now if you are interested Call Cristian 336 608 1670

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