vw jetta tdi 2002 veg oil

Was using 50%diesel/50%veg oil,1 gal gas Timing belt stripped. Injector pump was hard to turn.
Did veg oil have something to do with pump failure.

Nuked VW

Yes you have basicly nuked the engine. Years of studies by everyone from John Deere, CAT, Universities et. show any blend over 10% result in premature engine failure.

You have just experienced what the studies found:

-Damaged the Injector pump as it was never enginered for the thicker WVO/Diesel blend. This stressed out the timing belt resulting in failure.

-Damaged the injectors as the thicker WVO/Diesel blend has destroyed the fine spray patterns to that of a ketchup bottle

-Coking has built up on the piston rings due to the thicker WVO/Diesel blends not being able to fully combust.

-Damaged the internal parts of the engine due to loss of lubrication. The unburnt WVO/Diesel made it past the piston rings and contaminated the motor oil rsulting in much poorer lubricration of moving parts and premature damage.


Response to your comments.

The use of straight veggie oil, both virgin and used, is growing and without the problems you have indicated in your post. If a system is correctly installed, the fuel is properly filtered and de-watered,if it is run at appropriate temperatures the problems you describe have not occured with our client base or any of the other installers we have been in touch with..

In Europe it is now possible to purchase virgin oil at fuel stations and run vehicles that have been factory approved to do so without problems.

We have experienced well over 200,000 miles in our 97 Jetta on used veggie oil without any issues, without any coking that is problematic with diesel fuel.

We are selling in excess of 3000 litres a month to our client base and to date, after 5 years of installing Grease Car kits, we have yet to see even one injector failure.

Yes problems do arise, but from our experience we would suggest that they may be more related to fuel quality and incorrect temperatures at which the oil is introduced into the injection system and not the use of the veggie fuel.

Dieter Scheffer
Frank Motors
Authorized Grease Car Installer

I am looking to convert a

I am looking to convert a 2002 jetta tdi to run wvo that I will filter and secure myself. I own a mexican restaurant and generate about 10 gallons/week. I want to do it right and I understand that some vehicles are better then others as WVO deteriorate rubber prematurely. From what I have found a conversion kit is the best option. Can you advise me as to what you would recommend?

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