Does waste vegetable oil solidify when cold?

I'm attempting to run my car from WVO, but my local chip shop (in the UK) showed me his waste oil which had kind of solidified.
Obviously that cant be poured into a fuel tank, or filtered very easily.

Does this mean he is also using animal fats?
or does WVO solidify when cold?
Any help would be appreciated.


Well it depends on how cold

Well it depends on how cold it was. If it was above 0c then it was most likely animal fat contamination perhaps in the oil itself or as a product of some of the goods he has fried in it. If it was only a small amount of contamination then there may still be good oil underneath. Or you can still make bio-diesal out of it without any problems.

The 0c that I mentioned

The 0c that I mentioned above wasn't that accurate, here is the actual solidification points for various oils.

corn oil - 20 deg. C
sunflower oil - 17 deg. C
olive oil - 6 deg. C
sesame oil - 6 deg. C
peanut oil 3 deg. C
palm oil 24.1 deg. C
coconut oil 25.1 deg. C

can you tell me something

can you tell me something more about the solidification point? If a palm oil is in somewhere which ambiance is above 24.1 deg. c. does it mean that the oil wil start solidifying. I got a store where I sell palm cooking oil and at the bottom of the bottle it has some kind of white substance, is it because of the solidifying point or is it another problem?

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