Home heating with WVO in a stove.

I want to use an Efel HHO stove to burn WVO. If I filter it first, and run the supply line down next to the vent stack, will it burn good enough to be worth the trouble?

Any burnable oil will burn

Any burnable oil will burn in any stove as long as you have low viscosity (heated or refined oil) primary and secondary air. Look on forge net to see how home casters are using wvo and designing cheap, very hot burning burners. Hot enough to melt iron!

Just heating the oil a little may not be enough. Have to get proper air to it to get complete combustion.

Is it not a little more

Is it not a little more complicated than that? Many liquid fuel heating stoves (military and marine) have metering devices? Usually a float is involved to keep the level of the diesel/kero/gasoline mix at a constant level in a bowl nearby the burning pot. If the fuel being introduced has a different specific gravity than petroleum based fuels, the float mechanism will ride too high or too low to work properly...or so I have heard. So it may be viscosity AND specific gravity that are the most important factors...unless you are running a simple drip stove. Yikes!!! That is another story in and of itself!

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