Water in Oil Rusting Injector Pumps? How to De-water WVO?

I just paid $5,000.00 to have a new injector pump put on my 1994 Chevy with a 6.5L. I got it home and the next morning it would not start.

Advanced Diesel tells me I'm F****d because I run Veggie. They say that between the time the pump was installed to the time it would not start, about three weeks, the water in the veggie rusted the inside of the pump causing the malfunction.

They claim there is no way to remove the water from the oil, and they will not help unless I pay for a new pump ... Again.

How do you deal with this? The water I mean. Can you help?

I'll start by saying that

I'll start by saying that I'm not the most amazing mechanic. However, my friends that help me are. i have a '95 chevy 6.5L 1-ton shortbus.

First, don't ever tell manufacturers taht you've converted anything. That's more useful for future problems.

I got my rig with a head gasket leak. Yes, there is water and antifreeze coming out the exhaust. It wouldn't start. We had to first bleed the lines completely of air. Just the slightest bit of air in the lines would not let us start. To do this properly, we took off the intake manifold to access the bleeder bolt on the injector pump.

With a little bit of work, she started right up. I now need to remove the heads and check them for flat and cracks, but she runs strong.

You might not be as screwed as you think!

Could also be a bad pump. Hope not as they ain't cheap!!!

Good luck!

I don't check here too often, but you can try contacting me at hurwitz_jason@yahoo.com and maybe I could offer some advice or find somebody who can


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