Ford Econoline 6.9 conversion


I have an 1985 Ford Econoline van with a 6.9L diesel. I have a kit from goldenfuels that includes everything needed to do the conversion. Its pretty straight forward but I don't know how to connect the wvo to the engine. any help would be great. Thanks

Did you not get an

Did you not get an instruction manual? I have an '84 6.9L, which I would assume is pretty much the same, but with a FRYBRID kit. I don't know how Goldenfuels works, or really any other systems, but our fuel input is through the injectors. We cut a couple of fuel lines and rerouted the fuel flow. If it's a two tank system, make sure that the fuel can be pulled from both tanks. I could probably help a little, but am certainly not very qualified, other than that I did practically the same vehicle. I spent a lot of time looking at the Ford manual's diagram of the fuel flow and had a couple good advisors.

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