looking for south florida grease people

Hi there,

We (my wife and I) are running a '02 jetta wagon with a greasecar conversion. We're wondering who else is out here that might want to share idea and start to form south florida community. You can contact us at siestadavidatyahoo.com


South Florida Greasers


There is loose community of South Florida "Greasers".

We get together every couple of weeks at the Towers Car show (I-595 and University in Broward) on Friday night to show off our "Fried Rides", which include Mercedes, Dodge RAMs, Ford PSDs and Excursions, VWs, Surburbans, etc.

Drop me a line when you get a chance




I am in Palm City Florida and just put 10 gallons of Viesel in my F250 truck...looking for others with this experience and how doing a 50/50 without the conversion is doing for them... choycepartyponies@yahoo.com


South Florida conversion

I am intrested in converting a 92 300sd Merc. Benz. I have been reading up on it but to take the next step is boggling. Im not sure if the 93 is an indirect injection, ie cumbustion chamber not directly sprayed in cylander. Any help would be welcomed.

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